Issue 6.4 (March 2007)


Family Tree by Justin Million
I Ran by Gary Pierluigi
Poem for Blank Page (or: Thank You, Mr. Harrison) by Jeff Blackman
Three Verses... by Joseph Kouvelas
Reflections on Love and Ducks by Sayard Gilmour
Are you not weary of this ancient world by Gary Robinson
Westminster Abbey by E.D. Marsh
The Light by Gord Garner
Alzheimer's by Megan Young
Canada: Comparative Political Sketches – 1977 and 2007 by Mark Sokolowski
The Birth of Canadian Literature by David Emery
you thought of me by Lisa Xing
Third Stor(e)y by Stephanie Coffey
Making the Trip by Stewart Joyce
Only a World Away by Nick Culhane
the good hurt by Sarah Sheffe
Sunshine Sketches of Steeles Avenue by Dave Bennett
June 3, 2004 by Aaron Smith
Bus Stop (1974) by Ian O. Graham
Slugs by Nadya Bell
Letter to Ezra Pound by Peter Gibbon
To Be Free by Amanda Besserer

Cover Photograph by Kathryn Jetté

Issue 6.3 (January 2007)


JD Salinger is Alive! by Dave Bennett
Vodka and Suicide by Michael Mac Eochaidh
The Incredible Silencing of Sylvia Page by Amanda Besserer
Solemn Beings by Tyler Hooper
Keep Faith by Stephanie Coffey
The Dice by Gary Robinson
The Scent by Holly Price
Hop and Jump by Mark Sokolowski
The Wharf by Brian Sokolowski
Yungas Road by Jeff Blackman
Quiet Hero: Louis Dudek by Collett Tracey
slate by Ben Ladouceur
And That's It by Stewart Joyce
clouds now by Cameron Anstee
Bus Ride Home by Lisa Xing
Out of the Oven... by Tim Pelow
Very Little by Aaron Smith
[slow dance] by Marco Contestabile
A Hockey Story by Gary Bell
Helen Keller Quote by John Cloutier
Carpet Bombing Son by Jeremy Hanson-Finger
eggs... by Ian O. Graham
Substance by Franklyn Allen
Carrots by Emma Lovell
Sunsets/Nightfalls by Gord Garner
Sketches of a Character Who Cannot Be Completed by Nick Culhane

Cover Photograph by Sonja A. Skarstedt

Issue 6.2 (November 2006)


A Flutter in Fall... by Joseph Kouvelas
Never Too Exact by Lorah Gleason
One More Day by Matthew McPhee
Going Down by Sayard Gilmour
the wake by Kathryn Hunt
Machine Poem by Billy Ruffian
Peachland Sewer: Invasion by Dona Sturmanis
Still Life by Cameron Anstee
The Beetle by Laura Jowsey
Revelation by Mark Sokolowski
Flight of the Sea Flea by Tim Pelow
A Poem of Considerable Merit... by Morgan Short
Spilled Ink (a psilocybin dream) by Michael Mac Eochaidh
A Political View by Erik Marsh
Annual Report to the Stockholders by Carol Hamilton
We Turn Back to Our Dying by Peter Gibbon
An Ode to Pat Tillman: A Real American Hero by Matthew Walthert
Milloin On Seuraava Kiitos? by Aaron Smith
[i. of war and… ii. poets] by Marco Contestabile
Maxville Manor by Nick Culhane
Labour Day by Andrew Horlick
PEI by Lisa Xing
Cities by Liam Kennedy
Spadina Station by Christine Minnery
Yahoo by Jess Miles
Just Like This by Evan Woods
Child in an Ambulance by Richard Brancato
Feathers by Sarah Sheffe

Cover Photograph by Jennifer Huzera

Issue 6.1 (September 2006)


First Words by Peter Gibbon
117 by Ian O. Graham
Letter by Cameron Anstee
Raju's Cosmic Noose by Deepa Jolly
The Unplugged Clock by Stewart Joyce
To Err is Inevitable by Stewart Joyce
In Kinship with the Moon by JM Francheteau
Ode to a Lebanese Night Club by Mark Sokolowski
Vodka by Chris McPherson
Burroughs is in Tangiers by Jeff Blackman
Memories of Afganistan by Donna Bamford
The Fastest Runner in the World by Dave Bennett
An Apple for a Kiss by Amanda Besserer
The Constellations of the City by Ryan Spooner
Antipoem by Justin Million
Comparison by Rod ESQ
E.M. by Ben Ladouceur
autumn two (a solemn prayer) by Melissa Upfold
The Jew of Pample's House by Bobby Starrs
Things I Would Like to Do by Jovana Jankovich
i am prince by Aaron Clark
Because by John Cloutier
impressions of the Ottawa river... by Gary Robinson

Cover Photograph by Evan Bullen

Out/Words #3 (April 2006)


Another Day by Stewart Joyce
A conversation I need to have by Bethany Olson
The Real Thing by Phil Caron
Passages by Dana Graham
Country Home by Megan Young
Bob Dylan wrote a song about you by Ian O. Graham
lucid by Mark Sokolowski
Junk by John Cloutier
Pills by Ryan Hanney
His journey did not consist of much at all... by Gary Robinson

Issue 5.4 (March 2006)


Mr. Marx Goes for a Beavertail by Nick Culhane
First Year Reflections by Mark Sokolowski
University by Jeff Blackman
Visions of Kerouac by Vincent Chetcuti
The First Lady, Pharaoh's Wife... by Gary Robinson
Ode to the Metronome by Amanda Leslie
Dark Jokes by Valentina Vasilets
insomniac lullaby by Desi Zimmermann
Turning 41 on the 95 by Ian O. Graham
Sleeping Beauty by Meghan Casey
Denis by John Cloutier
A Dream by John Cloutier
The Gift of Flight in Fiction by David Emery
The Flying Device by Rachael Simpson
Cellar Door by Elisabeth Bolton
Mindless Circus by Milton Thompson
APA Citation for Food Courts by Erica Finch
Ancestral Rhythms by Michelle Simms
History by Justin Million
Character by Rod E.S.Q.
In Front of the Mirror by Jessi Wallace
Union by Lidia Soare
The Psychological Trauma of Rush Hour by Laura Paliani
one more poem for Jack Kerouac by Cameron Anstee
Smoking Outside the Avant-Garde by Peter Gibbon

Cover Photograph by Ian O. Graham

Issue 5.3 (February 2006)


Irving Layton by Collett Tracey (Web-Only Exclusive)
Leonard Watches Casablanca by Jamie Bradley
Because the snow has finally settled by Cameron Anstee
Sara by Ben Ladouceur
Hotel on rue du Sommerard by Rhea Wilson
Arena for the Gods by Aaron Clark
hind sight by Ian O. Graham
For Your Convenience by Nick Culhane
OC Transpoetry by Jeff Blackman
a 2nd attempt by aaron j. marko
Mixtape #2 by Dave Bennett
Learning the Slide by Amanda Earl
Snow futura by Amanda Earl
Holy Hobo Tramp of Joy by Vincent Chetcuti
Articulating 421 grams by Amanda Turnbull-Leslie
Astigmatism by Rod E.S.Q.
A Difference of Ice and Water by Stewart Joyce
Eros by Justin Million
Thoughts on Riding the Bus in Ottawa by Kristy Ledlie
Karaoke Night At the Brig by Jessi Wallace
Driven Conditions by Sarah McNally
The Great One by Matthew Walthert
Santo Subito by Matthew Walthert
To a Vietnamese Prostitute by Gary Robinson
Inwards by Mark Sokolowski
Bad Mama Good by Phil Caron

Cover Photograph from Canadian Associated Press

Issue 5.2 (November 2005)


A Stop on a Train by William Brewster
Fields by Guy Poirier
Existence Fugue by John Cloutier
Tawn's by Ian O. Graham
The Child by Sarah Reid
Bank Stroll by Rod E.S.Q.
Silent March by Shawn Gray
Sumac by Jennifer MacLatchy
Foreshadow by Lisa Xing
Intermezzo by David Emery
Jack Pine by Jesse Ferguson
50 Gallon Drum by Rich Terfry
The Abandoned Cars of Inverness County by Rich Terfry
Riverbed 3 by Rich Terfry
Blood of a Young Wolf by Rich Terfry
Untitled by Ryan Hanney
Evening Fire by Mark Sokolowski
The Gold Round by Errol Scott
Dreams of a Concrete Child by Daniel Desforges
For Percy's Sake by Jeff Blackman
The Desperately Human by Peter Gibbon

Cover Photograph by Melissa Upfold

Issue 5.1 (October 2005)


A Guide to Being a Literary Author by Peter Gibbon
Apartment 74 by Melissa Upfold
At the Luncheon by Kendal Egli
Marty by Dave Bennett
Aurora Borealis by Shawn Tavenier
Interrupting the Quiet by Natasha Saltes
To Those Whose Will Be Done by Justin Million
On Baseball and Brotherhood by Chris Schultz
My Great Uncle by Stephen Rowntree
Hands by Elisabeth Bolton
Stiff Upper Lip by Laura Paliani
Adultery by Susan Atkinson
Recess by Jeff Blackman
December 26th by Nick Culhane
West by Jamie Bradley
The Best Apocalypse by Meghan Casey

Cover Illustration by M. R.

Out/Words #1 (September 2005)


Thoughts of a Man Who Cannot Sing Who Is Stuck In A Musical by Dave Bennett
Like the River Yangzhi, I Run Dry by Lisa Xing
Future by Jennifer MacLatchy
The Cabin by Jesse Ferguson
Apartment 74 by Melissa Upfold
Aurora Borealis by Shawn Tavenier
My Companion's Kiss by Shawn Gray
Spider by Meghan Casey
Exquisite Corpse by Dominique Alexander
Fluorescence by Jessica Hum-Antonopoulos

Issue 4.4 (March 2005)


The Butterfly Show by Shawn Tavenier
Pushing Up a More Attractive Flower by Thomas Whitney
saloon discussion by Guy Poirier
10am-6pm: Sleep... by Alexandra Rose
Art and Suicide: Hours Away from the Suburbs by Dani Spinosa
Ottawa at Night by Aaron Clark
The Death of Canadian Literature by David Emery
The Greatest Canadian Puppet by Dave Bennett
Figure/Gladstone and Parkdale by Ryan Longo
The Bowler Hat Incident by John Kehoe
wanted: ambition by Laura Paliani
"point pelee" by Aly
Excuses by Robert "Bobby" Starrs
My Cat by Natalee Blagden
'cliff painting' by jonathan abresch

Cover Photography by Maria Lucia Castillo a.k.a. Chia