The Jew of Pample's House
Bobby Starrs

Sammy Silverstien drank juice on
the 8th day in Pample’s house.

Slurp Slop Sip Sip
Juice down the hatch.
Oh what a catch,
     in Pample’s House.
     in Pample’s House.

Such snow hills,
Such fire patch,
Such Sweet Sweat,
     in Pample’s House.
     in Pample’s House.

Heard a sound;
     A clatter matter
     of Keeeeey, of Keeeeeey.
     To ruin his Chanukah glee.
His glee.
His glee.

Get OutHouse...God...Damned...Louse...
Kraut Shout...This place...disgrace!!!

Rat race...round the house to avoid the Right Cross.

Right out the door ran Sammy with speed,
     no time to heed
     the shouts of

Silent Night not this night for
Sammy Silverstien
     in Pample’s House
took Pample’s Spouse
          with Ooo’s in the Ahhh’s

And with a Draddle Clay
          Hip Hip Hooray
Sammy went far far away,
               away to stay
with juice in his sluice
          hopped the Caboose
to Michigina
and now he’s the Jew of Kalamazoo.