Things I Would Like to Do
Jovana Jankovich

I would like to kick a metal garbage can really hard
While someone else holds it in place
So that I may properly dent the steel
Nice and deep
With my angry foot.

I would like to have my fingernails surgically removed
(While pleasantly anesthetized, of course)
And replaced with implanted genuine tiger claws
So that I may properly rip to shreds
The textiles and fabrics
That cover my eyes, mouth, nose and ears.

I would like to levitate
Five feet and eleven and a half inches
Above the ground, constantly,
So that I may feel higher than

I would like to feed my lungs in each breath
With a vapour full of
Spider webs and silkworms,
Diamonds and atoms,
Hulk Hogans and the Swiss Franc:
Things that are strong.

I would like to eat
Only apple pies and potatoes,
And not through my mouth, but
Through my hungry heart.

I would like to run down the highway and
Beat all the cars and
Be stopped for speeding and
Turn into a cloud of smoke and ash
Right there in front of the cop.

I would also like to tell everyone
How smart and beautiful you all are
Because that's what my dad always says to me,
And I believe everyone deserves to hear it