Like the River Yangzhi, I Run Dry
Lisa Xing

Rumi, the greatest sage
has something yet to learn.
He speaks of the tongue having one customer,
the ear,
but how wrong he was!
The tongue has many, begging its favour

My tongue has but His favour.
His desperate need
comes calling each
day and I answer, desperately.
And we are swiveled
in a great thunderstorm.
We intertwine like
rivers, leading
into a grand
lake that builds to
be an ocean.
You build into me

Your tongue has
me as your one customer.
I am drenched from
extremity to
extremity in fluid notes
that you play
like a flute.

If every thirst
is satisfied but that
of these fish,
you are one of them.
I will lead you
to my oceans
where you will
dwell, recline and dine
in comfort
and need.
Thirst to drink me
in and this flood
is unhindered.

Like the River Yangzhi,
I run dry.
Into you, I run dry.

Published in Out/Words #1 (view contents)