December 26th
Nick Culhane

You are currently cruising at an altitude of about 7000 feet on your way to a weeklong vacation in Mexico. It seems like you have been waiting for this trip forever. Oddly enough, though you are less than an hour away now, your face is not pressed against the glass window beside you but buried in your hands. You are questioning the fairness of life and of fate in general. It is not because the country you come from is so rich and the country you are vacationing in is so poor. It is not because you know you have done nothing to deserve the opportunities you have been blessed with. It is not because this morning the earth quaked underneath the ocean unleashing a tsunami that is well on its way to destroy over half of a million lives. You are questioning the fairness of fate because the pilot has just announced it is currently raining in Cancun and because the baby in front of you has not stopped crying since you left Toronto.

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