Issue 5.4 (March 2006)


Mr. Marx Goes for a Beavertail by Nick Culhane
First Year Reflections by Mark Sokolowski
University by Jeff Blackman
Visions of Kerouac by Vincent Chetcuti
The First Lady, Pharaoh's Wife... by Gary Robinson
Ode to the Metronome by Amanda Leslie
Dark Jokes by Valentina Vasilets
insomniac lullaby by Desi Zimmermann
Turning 41 on the 95 by Ian O. Graham
Sleeping Beauty by Meghan Casey
Denis by John Cloutier
A Dream by John Cloutier
The Gift of Flight in Fiction by David Emery
The Flying Device by Rachael Simpson
Cellar Door by Elisabeth Bolton
Mindless Circus by Milton Thompson
APA Citation for Food Courts by Erica Finch
Ancestral Rhythms by Michelle Simms
History by Justin Million
Character by Rod E.S.Q.
In Front of the Mirror by Jessi Wallace
Union by Lidia Soare
The Psychological Trauma of Rush Hour by Laura Paliani
one more poem for Jack Kerouac by Cameron Anstee
Smoking Outside the Avant-Garde by Peter Gibbon

Cover Photograph by Ian O. Graham