University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine


Number of Seats 2011259
Number of Applicants 20102918 (1 in 11.3 odds)
Length of Degree4 years
Proficiency in English TestingNo

Admission Criteria:

Number of Credits: At least three years of full-time studies (five full year worth of credits) in any undergraduate program.

Required Courses: Prerequisite courses include two full courses in life sciences and one full course insocial science or humanities or language or literature.

Required GPA: Minimum GPA 3.6 on 4.0 scale. Mean GPA 2009/2010: 3.89 on 4.0 scale.

GPA Calculation: All courses taken while under a full course load will be considered and calculated as part of the GPA. Part-time courses (courses taken in an academic year of less than 5 credits) will not be considered. A full year worth of lowest grade credits will be eliminated for each year the applicant has had a full course load during the regular academic year.

MCAT: The MCAT is used as a flag with a minimum of 9 in each section and N on the writing sample.

Autobiographical Sketch: The Autobiographical Sketch must be completed along with a personal statement in an essay of 1000 words or less.

Letters of Recommendation: At least three are required with at least one referee being non-academic.

Interview: Interviews are given out based on the composite score of 60% academic assessment and 40% non-academic assessment (including the non-academic requirements outlined above and letters of recommendation); 550 applicants will be invited. The format is a traditional panel interview.