McMaster University Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine


Number of Seats 2011203
Number of Applicants 20103790 (1 in 18.7 odds)
Length of Degree3 years
Proficiency in English TestingYes

Admission Criteria:

At least three years of full-time studies (five full year worth of credits) in any undergraduate program.

Required Courses: There are no required courses.

Required GPA: Minimum needed: 3.0 GPA of 4.0, Mean 2008/2009: 3.86.

GPA Calculation: All undergraduate courses including summer courses are taken as a simple average. Master’s degree holders get +0.01, PhD get additional +0.04 to GPA.

MCAT: Must have a minimum of 6 on the Verbal Reasoning component. The other components will not be considered in the selection process.

CASper: Applicants must complete the Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics which is a web-based assessment of interpersonal and decision making skills. It may be taken on October 24 or October 27, with registration starting September 1. For more information click here.

Autobiographical Sketch: Applicants must complete the autobiographical section answering 5 questions.

Letters of Recommendation: At least three are required with at least one referee being non-academic.

Interview: Several hundred applicants (546 in 2009) are invited to interview. The format is the Multiple Mini-Interview with applicants moving through 12 stations each lasting 8 minutes, and each dealing with a separate issue.