University of Ottawa Medical School


Number of Seats 2011156 (French and English)
Number of Applicants 20103,638 (1 in 23.3 odds)
Proficiency in English TestingNo

Admission Criteria:

Number of Credits: At least three years of full-time studies (five full year worth of credits) in any undergraduate program.

Required Courses: One full year in general biology/zoology including a lab, one full year credit value in humanities or social sciences, two full year credits from either: general biochemistry without lab, general chemistry with lab, Organic chemistry with lab.

Required GPA: Minimum GPA 2008/2009: 3.5 of 4.0, Mean GPA 2008/2009: 3.85.A different Minimum GPA is required based on geographical area, entrance stream, and demographic category.

GPA Calculation: A Weighted Grade Point Average is calculated using the three most recent full academic years. The most recent year is weighted x3, followed by the second most recent x2, and the third most recent x1.

If only two years have been completed upon application, the most recent year is weighted x2, and the least recent is weighted x1. If more than three years have been completed, only the three most recent years will be used in the calculation of the WGPA.

MCAT: Not required.

Autobiographical Sketch: This must be completed to allow the admission committee to judge scope of activities completed by the candidate. Only activities completed during university will be used in the assessment.

Letters of Recommendation: At least three are required with at least one referee being non-academic.

Interview: Traditional panel interview in either English or French. Approximately 550 applicants will be chosen based on WGPA cut off followed by ABS assessment.