Queen's University School of Medicine

Website: http://meds.queensu.ca/

Number of Seats 2011100
Number of Applicants 20103322 (1 in 33.2 odds)
Length of Degree4 years
Proficiency in English TestingNo

Admission Criteria:

Number of Credits: At least three years of full-time studies (five full year worth of credits) in any undergraduate program.

Required Courses: Applicants must have completed a full credit year in: biological sciences (anatomy, biochemistry, biology, botany, genetics, immunology, microbiology, physiology, zoology,etc.), one credit year in physical sciences (general chemistry, geology, organic chemistry, physics), and one full credit year in humanites, or social sciences.

Required GPA: Minimum cut off score changes from year to year. Passed GPA cut-offs are not good predictors.

GPA Calculation: All courses are considered including summer and supplementary credits in the calculation of a simple average. For applicants who do not meet the minimum requirement, the two most recent full time years (3 or more credits) will be considered.

MCAT: Required and must be taken within 5 years of the application submission.

Autobiographical Sketch: Required. Emphasis should be placed on extracurricular experience including, but not limited to: advisory work, athletics, community work, fine arts, travelling, etc.

Letters of Recommendation: At least three are required with at least one referee being non-academic.

Interview: GPA and MCAT are used as selection criteria to obtain an interview. The interview and ABS are used to gain acceptance.