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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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Check this page regularly for errata and post-publication updates approved by Senate after initial production of the 2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar. Updates are identified with this marker: ""

Academic Regulations for the Bachelor of Arts

Breadth Requirements for the B.A. have been updated to include new subject codes and disciplines (Update posted April 14, 2009).

Academic Regulations of the University

1.10 Academic Petitions and Appeals - the regulations concerning academic petitions, appeals, and procedural reviews have changed. (Senate-approved update posted October 7. 2009)

6.8.a. International Exchange Agreements has been updated to detail the specific academic standing required for participation in international exchange agreements. (Update posted July 9, 2009)

7.3 Readmission after Suspension or Debarment - the language has been clarified regarding registration options after suspension. (Update posted July 10, 2009)

9.3 Course Load - the language has been clarified regarding maximum course load for suspended students subsequently registering as Special. (Update posted July 10, 2009)

14. Academic Integrity - the language in Sections 14.3.12, and 14.6 has been updated. (Update posted December 4, 2009)

Academic Year

Academic Year - the last day for receipt of application for graduation from potential Spring graduands has been changed from February 1 to March 1. (Update posted April 15, 2009)

Admissions - General Admissions Requirements and Procedures

4. English as a Second Language Requirements (ESLR), Option 2.a - the language in paragraph 2.a has been clarified, to stipulate that an overall score of 30 must also have 40 in writing or 50 in reading, etc. (Update posted June 25, 2009, PDF July 8, 2009)


Courses - the courses BUSI 3207 and BUSI 3208 were inadvertently omitted and have been added to the course list. (Update posted April 7, 2009)

BUSI 3400 Database Analysis and Design - the prerequisite has been updated. (Updated posted June 12, 2009)

Programs - for the B.Com. Honours, the reference to BUSI 4608 in Note 1 has been corrected to BUSI 4609 (Update posted April 16, 2009).


B.Sc.Combined Hons. Chemistry and Computer Science - Item #11 (1.0 credit in free electives) had been left off from the Chemistry version of this combined program description, in error. The description has been corrected. (Update posted September 21, 2009)


GEOG 3603 has been added as a late change (Update posted April 7, 2009).


B.Hum. Honours - the requirements for Item 8a have been modified to include ENGL 3603, PSCI 4310 [1.0] and HIST 2205 [1.0]. (Update posted June 17, 2009)


The title of MUSI 2601 has been changed FROM Composition I TO Introduction to Instrumentation. The title of MUSI 2602 has been changed FROM Introduction to Composition TO Composition I. (Update posted July 28, 2009)