Issue 6.2 (November 2006)


A Flutter in Fall... by Joseph Kouvelas
Never Too Exact by Lorah Gleason
One More Day by Matthew McPhee
Going Down by Sayard Gilmour
the wake by Kathryn Hunt
Machine Poem by Billy Ruffian
Peachland Sewer: Invasion by Dona Sturmanis
Still Life by Cameron Anstee
The Beetle by Laura Jowsey
Revelation by Mark Sokolowski
Flight of the Sea Flea by Tim Pelow
A Poem of Considerable Merit... by Morgan Short
Spilled Ink (a psilocybin dream) by Michael Mac Eochaidh
A Political View by Erik Marsh
Annual Report to the Stockholders by Carol Hamilton
We Turn Back to Our Dying by Peter Gibbon
An Ode to Pat Tillman: A Real American Hero by Matthew Walthert
Milloin On Seuraava Kiitos? by Aaron Smith
[i. of war andů ii. poets] by Marco Contestabile
Maxville Manor by Nick Culhane
Labour Day by Andrew Horlick
PEI by Lisa Xing
Cities by Liam Kennedy
Spadina Station by Christine Minnery
Yahoo by Jess Miles
Just Like This by Evan Woods
Child in an Ambulance by Richard Brancato
Feathers by Sarah Sheffe

Cover Photograph by Jennifer Huzera