Issue 5.2 (November 2005)


A Stop on a Train by William Brewster
Fields by Guy Poirier
Existence Fugue by John Cloutier
Tawn's by Ian O. Graham
The Child by Sarah Reid
Bank Stroll by Rod E.S.Q.
Silent March by Shawn Gray
Sumac by Jennifer MacLatchy
Foreshadow by Lisa Xing
Intermezzo by David Emery
Jack Pine by Jesse Ferguson
50 Gallon Drum by Rich Terfry
The Abandoned Cars of Inverness County by Rich Terfry
Riverbed 3 by Rich Terfry
Blood of a Young Wolf by Rich Terfry
Untitled by Ryan Hanney
Evening Fire by Mark Sokolowski
The Gold Round by Errol Scott
Dreams of a Concrete Child by Daniel Desforges
For Percy's Sake by Jeff Blackman
The Desperately Human by Peter Gibbon

Cover Photograph by Melissa Upfold