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Working Papers

The CSDS Working Papers series provides an outlet for the relatively quick dissemination of research in progress by Centre Faculty and Research Associates, Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellows, and students on topics related to Canadian and international security and defence issues. Working Papers are published electronically on an occasional basis and are reviewed internally. The views expressed are those of individual authors and not necessarily those of CSDS or the Department of National Defence. The CSDS Working Papers series continues the NPSIA Occasional Paper Series.

9. "Organizational Structure and the Effects of Targeting Terrorist Leadership"
Dane Rowlands and Joshua Kilberg, April 2011

8. "Moving Frontiers: Patterns of Violence in the Americas"
Jean Daudelin, December 2010

7. "In Praise of Taxes? Fiscal Pacts, Development Policy and Conflict Risk"
Jean Daudelin and Yiagadeesen Samy, November 2008

6. "Measuring Transitional Justice in Latin America"
Theodore Blank, September 2007

5. "Identicide: Precursor to Genocide"
Sarah Jane Meharg, November 2006

4. "The Role of Rapid Reaction Forces: Predicating Responsibility in Cases of Humanitarian Crises"
Kristine St-Pierre, July 2006

3. "A Stochastic Salvo Model Analysis of the Battle of the Coral Sea"
Michael J. Armstrong and Michael B. Powell, April 2005

2. "Asymmetric Security: The War on Terror in Asia and Southeast Asia"
Jianxiang Bi, March 2005

1. "Just War Tradition, Liberalism and Civil War"
Sergio Koc-Menard, January 2005

Occasional Papers

45. The Canadian Foreign Service in the 21st Century: An Analysis of Research on the Compensation System and Retention Rates at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (2004)
By Anne-Marie Mosey

44. Professionalism’s Power and the Role of Service Unity and Political Cooperation in the Professionalization of North America’s Air Forces (2004)
By Rachel Lea Heide

43. The Determinants of Military Manpower Systems: A Pooled Time-series, Cross-national Analysis (2004)
By Seung-Whan Choi and Patrick James

42. Maritime Security and the Culture of Prevention (2004)
By Captain (N) Peter Avis

41. "If It's Not Terrorism, It's Not Relevant": Evaluating NATO's Potential to Contribute to the Campaign Against Terrorism (2004)
Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute Graduate Student Research Paper Competition 1st Place.
By Brent Ellis.

40. Specialization and the Canadian Forces (2003)
By Philippe Lagassé

39. From Civil Strife to Civil Society: NGO-Military Cooperation in Peace Operations (2003)
By Francis Kofi Abiew

38. The Limits of Human Security: Canada in East Timor (2003)
Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute Graduate Student Research Paper Competition 3rd Place.
By Steve Grunau

37. Countering Complexity: An Analytical Framework to Guide Counter-Terrorism Policy-Making. (2003)
Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute Graduate Student Research Paper Competition 2nd Place.
By Brent Ellis

36. Humanitarian Responses to War in Iraq (2003)
Report and Policy Options from a forum held in Ottawa, March 18, 2003 organized by the Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee and the Centre for Security and Defence Studies at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University

35. Forum on Democracy, Political Representation,Social Exclusion and Security in the Andes (2002)
By Judy Meltzer

34. Alternatives to War with Iraq: Recommendations of Experts' Panel(2002)
Panel members: Ronald Cleminson, Douglas Fraser, Walter Dorn, Peggy Mason, Fergus Watt, Rick McCutcheon, John Sigler, Raid Fahmi, Al- Thakafa-Al Jadida

33. Conference Publication: Canadian Defence and the Canada-US Strategic Partnership (2002)
Prepared by: The Centre for the Study of the Presidency, the Centre for Security and Defence Studies, and the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Insitute.

32. "Protecting Against the Spread of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons: An Action Agenda for the Global Partnership." Chapter on CANADA (2003)
By John Hay. Publisher: Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington. January 2003.

31. The U.S.-Canada Strategic Partnership in the War on Terrorism (2002)
By Stephen Cundari, Jonah J. Czerwinski, James Kitfield, Dwight Mason, and Christopher Sands

30. Roundtable for Strengthening Regional Capacity for Conflict Resolution in West Africa: A Response to NEPAD (2002)
By Rasheed Draman

29. Conference Report: Canadian Defence and the Canada-US Strategic Partnership (2002)
By Francis Kofi Abiew

28. Family in War and Conflict: Using Social Capital For Survival in War Torn Cyprus(2003)
By Karen A. Mehmet and Ozay Mehmet

27. Russia's Policies and Military Actions Towards Tajikistan: Are There Lessons and Warnings for American Involvement in Afghanistan? (2002)
By Nicole J. Jackson

26. Managing Chaos in the West African Sub-Region: Assessing the Role of ECOMOG in Liberia (2001)
By Rasheed Draman and David Carment

25. The Future of the Canadian Forces - Report on a Workshop (2001)
By Natalie Mychajlyszyn

24. Intelligence and Information Superiority in the Future of Canadian Defence Policy (2001)
By Martin Rudner

23. From Rhetoric to Policy: Towards Workable Conflict Prevention at the Regional and Global Levels - Report on a Workshop (2000)
By David Carment, Abdul-Rasheed Draman and Albrecht Schnabel

22. Canada's Communications Security Establishment: From Cold War to Globalization (2000)
By Martin Rudner

[For this title, please see: "Canada's Communications Security Establishment from Cold War to Globalization," Intelligence and National Security 16, no. 1 (Spring, 2001): 97-128. Also in Matthew M. Aid & Cees Wiebes, eds., Secrets of Signals Intelligence During the Cold War and Beyond (London: Frank Cass & Co., 2001), Chap. 4.]

21. Twisting Arms and Flexing Muscles: Perspectives on Military Force, Humanitarian Intervention and Peacebuilding - Report on a Workshop (2000)
By Natalie Mychajlyszyn

20. Information Warfare: Media-Military Relations in Canada (1999)
By Michael Croft, Sharon Hobson and Dean Oliver

19. Conditions of Influence: A Canadian Case Study in the Diplomacy of Intervention (1999)
By John B. Hay

18. Water Balances in the Eastern Mediterranean: Summary of a Workshop (1999)
By Ozay Mehmet

17. Making the Impossible Possible: The PLA's Cross-Strait Operations in the 21st Century (1999)
By Jianxiang Bi

16. Canadian Foreign Policy: From Internationalism to Isolationism? (1997)
By Jean-François Rioux and Robin Hay

Please note that Occasional Papers 1-15 are currently available in hard-copy only. Consult Vivian Cummins regarding access.

15. Exploring Canada's Options on 'Global' Issues (1997)
By Evan H. Potter and David Carment

14. Using a Culturally-Specific Process of Mediation and Dispute Resolution to Promote International Security (1997)
By Roger Hill

13. The Functional Approach, Organization Theory and Conflict Resolution (1996)
By Craig N. Murphy

12. The Interstate Dimension of Secession and Irredenta: A Crisis-Based Approach (1996)
By David Carment

11. Modeling Multilateral Intervention in Ethnic Conflict: A Game Theoretic Approach (1996)
By David Carment and Dane Rowlands

10. Dealing with Domestic Economic Instability: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Rally Effect 1948-1994 (1996)
By Athanasios Hristoulas

9. David Mitrany, the Functional Approach and International Conflict Management (1995)
By Lucian Ashworth and David Long

8. Conflict Prevention and Internal Conflict: Theory and Policy, A Workshop Summary (1995)

7. Ethnic Conflict and Third Party Intervention: Riskiness, Rationality and Commitment
By David Carment, Dane Rowlands and Patrick James

6. Contesting an Essential Concept: Dilemmas in Contemporary Security Discourse (1994)
By Simon Dalby

5. The Origins and Future Demise of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (1994)
By Charles K. Armstrong

4. Yugoslavia - What Went Wrong? (1993)
By John M. Fraser

3. Does the Blue Helmut Fit? The Canadian Forces and Peacekeeping (1993)
By Ian Malcolm

2. A New Germany in New Europe (1992)
By John Halstead

1. Aliya and the Demographic Balance and the Occupied Territories (1992)
By James W. Moore

Conference Proceedings, Reports and Papers

After the Fall: Theory and Practice of Post-Intervention Security (March 2006)

Conference Report
Prepared by Grant Dawson, with Submissions from Trista Grant, Liz St. Jean, Philippe Lagasse, Sara Michel and Kristine St. Pierre

Selected Conference Papers

Victoria Edwards, Department of National Defence
"The Role of Post-Intervention Security in Peace and Relief Mission Negotiations"

Rachel Lea Heide, Department of History, Carleton University
"Obligation of the Home Front: The Necessity of Cultural Awareness Training for Interventions in the New World Order"

Jeremy Lammi, Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary
“Managing the Population During an Insurgency”

Robert A. Ventresca, Department of History, King’s University College, University of Western Ontario
"A Comparative History of Regime Change: Transitional Justice in Post-War Italy and Post-Saddam Iraq"

Mark A. Wolfgram, Department of Political Science, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
"Men With Guns: Explaining the Failure to Improve Human Rights Conditions in Kosovo"

Changing Canadian Foreign Policy (November 2004)

Conference Report
Prepared by Rachel Lea Heide, Trista Grant, Christopher Ankersen, Dorothee Roy, and Julie Boileau

Intervention: Then What? (October 2004)

Conference Report
Prepared by Rachel Lea Heide, Jennifer Carter, and Olga Semenovych

Peacekeeping Intelligence: New Players, Extended Boundaries (December 2003)

Conference Report
Prepared by Rachel Lea Heide, Jaime Phillips, and Alexandre Dumulon-Perreault

Changing Canadian Foreign Policy (October 2003)

Conference Report
Prepared by Rachel Lea Heide, Dorthée Roy, and Cynthia Lacasse

View Photos of the Conference

Intervention: Then What? (October 2003)

Conference Report
Prepared by Corey Levine, Ryan Coombes, Caolan Moore and Urmi Desai

Selected Conference Papers

Judith Lichtenberg
"Precedent and Example in the International Arena"

Christiane Berthiaume
"United Nations World Food Programme: Human Rights Start With a Good Breakfast in the Morning"

Joseph Siegle
"Changing the Definition of Success in Military Interventions"

Stanislaw Wellisz
"Intervention: Some Social and Economic Considerations"

William Garvelink
"Post Interventions: Relief and Development Obligations and Operational Realities"

Conflict Prevention in Canada: A Survey of Canadian Conflict Prevention Professionals (September 2003)

Conference Report
Prepared by Koren Marriott and David Carment.


Report of the 2003 Security Defence Forum NATO Briefing Tour (July 2003)

Briefing Tour Report
Prepared by Brent Ellis.

Canadian Forces Prepare for Operation Athena (June 2003)

Observation Visit Report
Prepared by Koren Marriott.

View Photos of the observation visit to CFB Petawawa