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Graduate Calendar 2006-2007

Graduate Calendar Updates


Visit this page to check for updates made to the 2006-2007 Graduate Calendar after its print publication.

In the case of any discrepancy between any section of the print and Web editions of the Graduate Calendar, the Web edition shall be considered to be the University's official statement.

The following updates have been made to the Web edition of the Graduate Calendar after publication of the print edition:

General Regulations

Post-publication update: Section 14.0, "Instructional Offences" of the General Regulations has been replaced with regulations concerning Academic Integrity, in accordance with regulation changes passed by the University's Senate. (Post-publication Senate-approved change, posted September 15, 2006).

Biomedical Engineering


  • The Master of Arts program requirements have been updated. A new coursework program pattern has been introduced. (Senate-approved post-publication update, posted April 26, 2006).
  • ENGL 6901 and ENGL 6909, inadvertently omitted from the print edition, are added to the course list. (Correction, posted February, 2006)

Environmental Engineering

  • The Ph.D. program requirements have changed. Item 3 has been modified and Item 4 has been removed, to be replaced by a new Item 4. (Senate-approved post-publication udpate, posted April 27, 2006)


  • A new course, GEOG 5103 is introduced. (Senate-approved post-publication update, posted May 8, 2006)

International Affairs


  • A new course, PHYS 5201, Introduction to Medical Imaging Principles and Technology, is introduced. (Senate-approved post-publication update, posted October 24, 2006)

Systems and Computer Engineering

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