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Graduate Calendar 2006-2007

Course Designation System

Course numbers are prefixed by the letter code representing the course discipline, as shown below.

Engineering Engineering (joint program offered at University of Ottawa) Engineering University of Ottawa)

Prefix Discipline
ANTH Anthropology
ARCC Architecture
ARCH Architecture
ARCN Architecture
ARCS Architecture
ARCU Architecture
ARTH Art History
BIOL Biology
BUSI Business
CDNS Canadian Studies
CGSC Cognitive Science
CHEM Chemistry
CIVE Civil and Environmental
CIVJ Civil Engineering (joint program offered at University of Ottawa)
CLMD Cultural Mediations
CLST Comparative Literary Studies
COMP Computer Science
EACJ Electrical Engineering (joint program) offered at University of Ottawa
ECON Economics
ELEC Electronics
ENGL English
ENVE Environmental Engineering
ENVJ Environmental Engineering (joint program)
ERTH Earth Sciences
EURR European and Russian Studies
FILM Film Studies
FREN French
GEOG Geography
GERM German
HIST History
IDES Industrial Design
INAF International Affairs
ISSC Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
ISYS Information and Systems Science
JOUR Journalism and Communication
LALS Linguistics and Applied Language Studies
MAAJ Mechanical and Aerospace
MATH Mathematics and Statistics
MECH Mechanical and Aerospace
MUSI Music
PADM Public Policy and Administration
PECO Political Economy
PHIL Philosophy
PHYJ Physics (joint program offered at University of Ottawa)
PHYS Physics
PSCI Political Science
PSYC Psychology
RELI Religion
SOCI Sociology
SOWK Social Work
SPAN Spanish
STAT Statistics
SYSC Systems and Computer Engineering
TTMG Telecommunications Technology Management
WOMN Women's Studies

Course Levels

0001-0099 Courses usually taken in Qualifying University year
1000-1999 Courses usually taken in first year
2000-2999 Courses usually taken in second year
3000-3999 Courses usually taken in third year
4000-4999 Courses usually taken in fourth year
5000-5999 Courses ordinarily taken by graduate students
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