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The Centre on North American Politics and Society
is affiliated with the Political Science Department at Carleton University, within the Faculty of Public Affairs and Management. The Centre will be dedicated to the study of the evolving relationships among Canada, Mexico and the United States. Its particular focus will be the political, social and cultural processes defining the North American region. It is also seen as a space for dialogue among actors in the government, academic, and voluntary sectors throughout the changing region. The Centre will seek to promote a network of scholars and policy makers working in the area of North American studies in the three countries by establishing linkages with other university research centres, think-tanks, governmental, inter-governmental, and non governmental actors. The Centre has received preliminary three year core funding from the Canadian
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

The Centre is emerging as a response to several converging factors:
  • The lack of research concerning the interrelationship between economic integration and its social, economic and cultural consequences;
  • The need to engage the public, including those who are skeptical of free trade, in discussions on an enhanced relationship among the three partners;
  • Governments' need for intellectual input into decision-making concerning the relationship between the three partners;
  • The current Canadian government's Policy Research Initiative which underlines the increased importance of partnerships between government, universities and think tanks;
  • The current political context: upcoming changes in governments in the United States and Mexico could mean a loss of momentum around the integration agenda; the Centre will support the Canadian government's commitment to expand and deepen the relationship between the three partners.

Contact information

Dr. Laura Macdonald
Director, Centre on North American Politics and Society
Department of Political Science
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6
Tel: (613) 520-2600 ext. 1422
Fax: (613) 520-4064