Issue 6.3 (January 2007)


JD Salinger is Alive! by Dave Bennett
Vodka and Suicide by Michael Mac Eochaidh
The Incredible Silencing of Sylvia Page by Amanda Besserer
Solemn Beings by Tyler Hooper
Keep Faith by Stephanie Coffey
The Dice by Gary Robinson
The Scent by Holly Price
Hop and Jump by Mark Sokolowski
The Wharf by Brian Sokolowski
Yungas Road by Jeff Blackman
Quiet Hero: Louis Dudek by Collett Tracey
slate by Ben Ladouceur
And That's It by Stewart Joyce
clouds now by Cameron Anstee
Bus Ride Home by Lisa Xing
Out of the Oven... by Tim Pelow
Very Little by Aaron Smith
[slow dance] by Marco Contestabile
A Hockey Story by Gary Bell
Helen Keller Quote by John Cloutier
Carpet Bombing Son by Jeremy Hanson-Finger
eggs... by Ian O. Graham
Substance by Franklyn Allen
Carrots by Emma Lovell
Sunsets/Nightfalls by Gord Garner
Sketches of a Character Who Cannot Be Completed by Nick Culhane

Cover Photograph by Sonja A. Skarstedt