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The New Security Challenges Colloquium

The New Security Challenges Speaker Colloquium is to be launched in fall 2009. It will address a broad range of emerging international security issues in the 21st century. Topics may include nuclear proliferation, energy security and climate change. The talks will be targeted towards government officials, academics and students and be designed to stimulate discussion on how to best prepare for emerging, or potentially emerging, strategic challenges.

The Colloquium is jointly presented with the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance (CCTC), and organized by CCTC Administrator and Researcher Justin Alger. For further details contact

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or call 613 520-2600, ext. 6671.

CSDS Speaker Series

The CSDS Speaker Series regularly hosts lunch-time lectures by noted scholars, Canadian and foreign government officials and diplomats, Canadian Forces and foreign military personnel, and non-governmental specialists on security and defence issues. Held approximately 15-20 times per year on the Carleton University campus, the Speaker Series attracts students, academics and policy officials from the greater Ottawa area.

CSDS-CCISS Strategic Anlaysis Seminar Series

Since 2002, CSDS has organized the Strategic Analysis Seminar Series with the express purpose of engaging mid-level and senior foreign policy and defence officials and military and civilian specialists on issues arising on the Canadian and global security agenda. these high-level, off-the record, invitation-only policy seminars are held approximately eight times per year in downtown Ottawa and attract participants from a wide-range of government departments and agencies, including DND, DFAIT, PCO, CSIS, CSE, Public Safety, Immigration, Transport, Library of Parliament, the Canadian Forces, as well as members of the Foreign diplomatic corps, academics and students. By bringing together security and defence specialists from a wide-range of government departments and agencies, the seminar affords a unique opportunity for the informal exchange of ideas on emerging security issues.

Since 2008, the seminar has been run jointly with the Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies (CCISS), housed at NPSIA, and organized by CCISS Senior Research Fellow Dr. Kurt Jensen.

CSDS Research Seminar

The CSDS Research Seminar provides an opportunity for CSDS Associates, Fellows and other interested scholars to present a research paper for comment and discussion. The meeting is informal: a short 10-minute presentation by the author, followed by a general discussion of the paper.

Model NATO Fellowship

Since its inception in 2001, CSDS has supported the organization of the annual Carleton University student-run Model NATO conference. The Carleton Model NATO conference is the only event of its kind in Canada, bringing together more than 100 undergraduates from Canadian and American Universities to engage in three days of intense policy debates on transatlantic security, as part of a simulation of NATO policy making. In 2006, CSDS created the Model NATO Fellowship, which financially supports a graduate student, or recent graduate, to serve as Coordinator of the Model NATO conference. More information on the Model NATO conference is found on the Model NATO website.

Annual World Issues Conference

For more than 20 years the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs has hosted the World Issues Conference for High School Students in the greater Ottawa area. The conference brings students to the Carleton campus for a keynote address from a noted speaker and a day of workshops on a wide-range of international politics and security affairs issues. Since 2000, CSDS has funded and organized the annual conference, and has expanded it to include Ottawa's Francophone High Schools. The conference now takes place over two days, and attracts as many as 600 students. More information is found on the World Issues Conference page.

CSDS Student Fellowships

CSDS supports NPSIA graduate students engaged in coursework and research in the Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution cluster though two fellowship programs: a one-year fellowship for an advanced M.A. students and a two-year fellowship offered to an incoming NPSIA Ph.D. student.

Research and Conference Funding Support

CSDS offers funding to support conference travel and innovative and policy-relevant research on Canadian and international security issues carried out by CSDS Associates and graduate student. In addition, Junior Faculty and students are eligible for conference funding through the SDF National and International Conference Funds. More information on funding support is found on the Funding Opportunities page.