2010-2011 Undergraduate Calendar

Welcome to the online version of Carleton University's Undergraduate Calendar. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this Calendar. From time to time, errata and post-publication updates approved by Senate after initial publication of the Calendar are posted. Additions and corrections will be posted at the Updates page, and will be indicated with the following symbol: .

The Web edition of the Carleton University Undergraduate Calendar at carleton.ca/calendars/ugrad/current is the University's official statement.

This Calendar is published several months in advance of the beginning of the academic year. The university reserves the right without liability or penalty, and without notice, to make changes in the services and programs that it offers, including alteration of the fee schedules, and cancellation of particular courses.

Recent Undergraduate Calendar Updates

These are some of the most recent updates. For a full list, consult the Updates page.

  • March

    Canadian Studies
    All references to CDNS 3500 in Canadian Studies program requirements have been corrected to CDNS 3550.


    Computer Science
    B.C.S. Honours Management and Business Systems Stream Item 8, reference to BUSI 2504 has been corrected to BUSI 2503. (December 13, 2010)


    Academic Year
    Last day to submit, to the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities, Formal Examination Accommodation Forms for December examinations has been corrected to read November 12 rather than November 15.


    Cooperative Education
    The academic credit value designation for cooperative education work term / work term report courses in all disciplines is adjusted to reflect a value of 0.0 . This change is administrative in nature and does not affect existing program or degree requirements.


    African Studies
    B.A. Combined Hons. African Studies - Items 6, 7 and 8 have been modified to reflect recent course changes.


    Academic Regulations and Requirements - B.Sc.
    Under Course Categories for B.Sc. Programs:
    Science Continuation Courses - the new course ERTH 2415 is excepted from the list of 2000-courses and may be used only as a free elective for any B.Sc. program.
    Science Faculty Electives - ENSC 2001 is added to the list.
    Courses Allowable Only as Free Electives in Any B.Sc. Program: ERTH 2415 is added to the list.


    Environmental Studies
    B.A. Honours and B.A. General Environmental Studies Item 4 - the reference to SOCI 2003 [1.0] has been replaced by new courses SOCI 2001 and SOCI 2002.

  • July

    Earth Sciences and Geography: Concentration in Terrain Sciences
    Item 11 - Reference to GEOG 4908 has been corrected to GEOG 4906.

  • June

    Earth Sciences
    B.Sc. Major Earth Sciences (20.0 credits) - Item 14 has been corrected to read 2.0 credits in free electives (from 1.5). The total number of credits required for the degree remains unchanged at 20.0.