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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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""  General Admission Requirements and Procedures

23. Early Admission

Offers of early admission will be based on the previous year final and current year interim marks.

For Ontario high school applicants, offers of admission will be made early February to end of May for the 2009 admissions cycle. The onus is on each student who does not receive an offer of early admission to supply official final marks to Admissions Services.

Out-of-province applicants will receive offers of admission as soon as interim marks are received by the University and the assessment is completed.

Applicants to a restricted enrolment program should note that their acceptance to an offer of admission must be received by Admissions Services within three weeks from the date on the offer of admission or by the date specified on the offer of admission.

Carleton reserves the right to withdraw offers of admission for failure to complete the school year satisfactorily or to meet the admission requirements and/or required averages or grades. In addition, applicants are advised that although they may receive an offer of admission based on interim marks, final marks, when they are received, will become part of the University's admission record.

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