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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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""  General Admission Requirements and Procedures

22. Documents

Documents submitted in support of an application for admission become the property of the University. In some cases, original documents (for example, General Certificate of Education) may be returned to the applicant.

The University may nullify an admission and revoke a registration if it finds that an applicant for admission or registration has, in the process, provided false or incomplete information.

Applicants who are unable to submit documents of previous academic studies as a result of natural disaster, armed conflict, or the securing of refugee status are subject to the following policy:

  1. Applicants who are unable to submit supporting documents will not be admitted. They will be encouraged to register as Special students and qualify for admission by taking courses at the University.
  2. Applicants who can submit official transcripts but cannot submit course descriptions will be admitted to first year if:
    1. their academic record meets the standards required by the program for which they are applying, and
    2. their high school studies include prerequisite subjects for admission to first year.
  1. Applications from candidates who can provide course descriptions based on their recollection of the courses which they have taken will be treated according to the same procedures as those which apply to applicants who cannot submit course descriptions (see 2. above).
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