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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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Statistics (STAT)

School of Mathematics and Statistics Faculty of Science

Note: see regulations concerning Deferred Final Examinations in the Academic Regulations section of this Calendar.

STAT 2507 - Introduction to Statistical Modeling I
STAT 2509 - Introduction to Statistical Modeling II
STAT 2559 - Basics of Statistical Modeling (Honours)
STAT 2605 - Probability Models
STAT 2606 - Business Statistics I
STAT 2607 - Business Statistics II
STAT 2655 - Introduction to Probability with Applications (Honours)
STAT 3502 - Probability and Statistics
STAT 3503 - Regression Analysis
STAT 3504 - Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design
STAT 3506 - Stochastic Processes and Applications (Honours)
STAT 3507 - Sampling Methodology
STAT 3508 - Elements of Probability Theory
STAT 3509 - Mathematical Statistics
STAT 3553 - Regression Modeling (Honours)
STAT 3555 - Stochastic Modeling and Simulation (Honours)
STAT 3558 - Elements of Probability Theory (Honours)
STAT 3559 - Mathematical Statistics (Honours)
STAT 3608 - Probability in Communications and Electrical Engineering
STAT 4500 - Parametric Estimation (Honours)
STAT 4501 - Probability Theory (Honours)
STAT 4502 - Survey Sampling (Honours)
STAT 4503 - Applied Multivariate Analysis (Honours)
STAT 4504 - Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments (Honours)
STAT 4506 - Nonparametric Methods (Honours)
STAT 4507 - Statistical Inference (Honours)
STAT 4508 - Stochastic Models (Honours)
STAT 4509 - Advanced Mathematical Modeling (Honours)
STAT 4601 - Data Mining I (Honours)
STAT 4603 - Time Series and Forecasting (Honours)
STAT 4604 - Statistical Computing (Honours)
STAT 4605 - Statistical Methods in Biostatistics (Honours)
STAT 4606 - Practices in Biostatistics (Honours)

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