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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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Statistics (STAT)

School of Mathematics and Statistics Faculty of Science

STAT 3502 [0.5 credit]

Probability and Statistics

Axioms of probability; conditional probability and independence; random variables; distributions: binomial, Poisson, hypergeometric, normal, gamma; central limit theorem; sampling distributions; point estimation: maximum likelihood, and method of moments; confidence intervals; testing of hypotheses: one and two populations; engineering applications: acceptance sampling, control charts, reliability.
This course may not be used to meet the 3000-level course requirements in any General or Honours program in Mathematics and Statistics.
Precludes additional credit for STAT 2507, STAT 2605, STAT 2606, ECON 2200, ECON 2201.
Prerequisite: MATH 2004, or MATH 2001 and enrolment in the Faculty of Engineering or B.Sc. programs of the Department of Physics [except Double Honours Mathematics and Physics].
Lectures three hours a week and one hour laboratory.

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