Blank Page

Your first year of university can be intimidating; you've entered a new, much bigger environment, you've often moved to a new city, and have probably had to form a new group of friends. On top of this, writers by nature have a tendency to isolate themselves. We've taken this into account and created Blank Page, which acts as a network for first-year university writers and a forum for up-and-coming artists. The aim of Blank Page is to bring people together and create an artistic community at Carleton.

Blank Page is published twice during the academic year. If you are a writer or visual artist in your first year of University, and are interested in submitting, here's what you need to know:

Poetry - under 200 lines
Prose - no longer than 2500 words
Visual art - photographs, paintings, sketches, etc. should be sent in a high-quality digital format

All submissions can be sent to

The next deadline for submissions is November 16, 2007.

Read the the first issue of Blank Page here.