Issue 6.4 (March 2007)


Family Tree by Justin Million
I Ran by Gary Pierluigi
Poem for Blank Page (or: Thank You, Mr. Harrison) by Jeff Blackman
Three Verses... by Joseph Kouvelas
Reflections on Love and Ducks by Sayard Gilmour
Are you not weary of this ancient world by Gary Robinson
Westminster Abbey by E.D. Marsh
The Light by Gord Garner
Alzheimer's by Megan Young
Canada: Comparative Political Sketches – 1977 and 2007 by Mark Sokolowski
The Birth of Canadian Literature by David Emery
you thought of me by Lisa Xing
Third Stor(e)y by Stephanie Coffey
Making the Trip by Stewart Joyce
Only a World Away by Nick Culhane
the good hurt by Sarah Sheffe
Sunshine Sketches of Steeles Avenue by Dave Bennett
June 3, 2004 by Aaron Smith
Bus Stop (1974) by Ian O. Graham
Slugs by Nadya Bell
Letter to Ezra Pound by Peter Gibbon
To Be Free by Amanda Besserer

Cover Photograph by Kathryn Jetté