Cooke Lab



  • 24 Ft Connor Industries Custom Aluminum Research Vessel with 150 HP Outboard Motor (Funded by CFI) (photo)
  • 16 Foot Duck Boat
  • 17 foot electrofishing boat with 30hp Mercury motor
  • 19 Ft Lowe Roughneck Aluminum Boat and Trailer with 40 HP Outboard Motor (Funded by NSERC)
  • 16 Ft Starcraft Aluminum Boat and Trailer with 9.9 HP Outboard Motor
  • 14 Ft Fiberglass Duck Boat (Funded by CFI)
  • 12 Ft Aluminum Punt
  • Electrofishing boat (photo)


  • 2009 Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup with fish tank for hauling salmon and water (funded by an NSERC RTI Grant to Hinch, Farrell, Cooke and Richardson - kept at UBC) (photo)
  • 2009 Ford F-150 Crew Cab Pickup Truck
  • 2008 Ford F-150 Crew Cab Pickup Truck
  • 2006 GMC Sierra Crew Cab Pickup Truck (Funded by CFI)
  • 2006 Chevrolet Mini-Van


  • Automated Radio Receivers for Deployment of Fixed Telemetry Arrays (Funded by CFI)
  • Acoustic and Radio Manual Tracking Receivers and Associated Hydrophones and Antennas (Funded by CFI and NSERC)
  • Underwater Acoustic Listening Stations (Funded by CFI)
  • Centrifuges
  • Dewars and Dry Shippers
  • -80 Freezer, Chest Freezer, and Lab Refrigerator
  • Swim Flume and Respirometry Gear
  • Water Quality Gear (Turbidometer, DO Meter, Temperature Loggers)
  • Underwater Video Cameras and Playback System
  • Glucose and Lactate Field Physiology Kits
  • I STAT Point of Care Device
  • Cole Parmer Flame Photometer (Ion Analysis)
  • Laboratory Equipment for Lipid Extraction and Energetic Analysis
  • Distell Fat Meter
  • Iowa Bioengineering Doppler Flow Chassis for Cardiac Physiology
  • Wetsuits, Diving Gear, Life Jackets, Survival Suits
  • Backpack Electrofisher
  • Angling Gear (20+ Fishing Rods and Reels including Musky Gear, Specialized Carp Gear, Marine Flyfishing Gear, and Bass Gear)
  • Seine Nets, Pot Traps, Fyke Nets
  • Fish Tanks and Pumps
  • Full Complement of Hand and Power Tools
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6, (613) 520-2600