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Please Note CEDTAP has completed its final selection round and all funding has been allocated. Access to this page is for information purposes only.


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CEDTAP offers support to mature Community Economic Development (CED) organizations and to Community Based Organizations (CBOs) emerging in the CED field. Eligible organizations include co-operatives, community development corporations, community loan funds and other non-profit organizations.

Contributions from CEDTAP can vary from $3,000 up to a maximum of $20,000. To qualify for CEDTAP support, an organization must demonstrate that it can commit to making a cash contribution of 20% towards the technical assistance fees.



Technical assistance
Community Exchanges
Target Group Initiatives
Information and Communication Technology
Tool Development

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance means the expertise, guidance and advice that can contribute to the development of your CED organization or community initiative. For example, a provider of technical assistance could:

  • facilitate strategic planning sessions;
  • develop feasibility studies, business plans or financing strategies;
  • help design evaluations of CED initiatives.

CEDTAP offers a Canada-wide matching service between community organizations and technical assistance providers and funds technical assistance assignments.

For CBOs emerging in the CED sector, CEDTAP also supports longer-term mentorship and coaching arrangements..


Community Exchanges

CEDTAP supports exchanges that are designed to let staff and volunteers meet peers or experts who work on similar issues, learn about new practices, and develop joint ventures and partnerships.

Target Group Initiatives

CEDTAP encourages initiatives that facilitate the involvement of women, youth, Aboriginal people, new immigrants and disability groups in CED. CEDTAP can provide funds to organizations that create opportunities for learning and leadership skills development within these target groups.

Information and Communication Technology

CEDTAP will consider requests for hardware and software that will allow organizations to operate their programs and services more efficiently. Requests could include accounting software, project management software or more specialized applications such as e-commerce capabilities and community computer networks.

Tool Development

To strengthen the sector, CEDTAP can provide funding for the development of tools geared to the needs of either emerging or mature CED organizations. Tools could be in the form of handbooks, guides, videos or computer applications.



CEDTAP is a demonstrative program and is therefore committed to sharing the lessons learned from the initiatives we support. For example, CEDTAP organizes an annual forum as a vehicle for exchange among communities and practitioners, and is an active partner in the development of a pan-Canadian learning network for the CED sector.


CEDTAP's focus is to support initiatives that address the needs of Canadians who have been marginalized by factors such as low income, unemployment or geographic isolation.

CEDTAP's priority is to support initiatives that will generate tangible results in areas such as resource mobilization, asset building, community enterprise development and job creation.

While CEDTAP provides on-going support to groups emerging in the CED sector, our emphasis is to support mature CED organizations.

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