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The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has on-line resources on topics such as marketing plans and feasibility studies.

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency has resources on how to prepare a business plan and a marketing plan.

Strategis feature a comprehensive business development resource centre developed by Industry Canada.

Western Economic Diversification Canada, Aboriginal Business Canada and FedNor also provide information and resources on a regional level.



The Community Development Handbook provides an introduction to community development and capacity building. A Facilitator's Guide is also available.

Effective Community Decision Making is a factsheet on community involvement, decision making and methods of initiating action.


The Canadian Council on Social Development has a central repository of Social Indicator material on the Internet.



The Canadian Women's Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls through economic and social change. The Foundation makes grants to charitable projects that help women and girls achieve greater self-reliance and economic independence.

Canadian Community Foundations: Here you will find a list of Community Foundations by region. Contact the community foundation in your area to find out if your initiative is eligible for funding under their grant guidelines. There's also information on how to establish a community foundation.

The Canadian Agricultural Rural Communities Initiative (CARCI) enhances the viability of agricultural rural communities, particularly those communities undergoing change as a result of adjustment in the agricultural sector.

The Canadian Rural Partnership supports community-based solutions that improve the quality of life for Canadians living in rural and remote areas.

The Canadian Alternative Investment Co-operative invests in groups working for positive social change and CED in Canada that lack access to traditional financing.



The Canadian Co-operative Association has resources on how to start and federally-incorporate a co-op, and guidelines for co-operative organizing for young entrepreneurs.

The Co-operatives Secretariat also has useful information on forming co-ops.

The Department of Canadian Heritage has information on how to estimate the economic contribution of volunteer work and how to create volunteer programs for young people.

A Media Relations Toolkit, developed by The Ontario Trillium Foundation, provides information and factsheets on the basics of media relations.

The Ontario Co-operative Association, is the primary voice for co-ops and credit unions in Ontario.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has factsheets available on topics such as volunteer management, project management, strategic planning, fundraising and leadership.




The Canadian CED Network promotes excellence and investment in CED.

The Canadian Co-operative Association is the national umbrella organization of anglophone co-operatives.

The Canadian Social Economy Hub is a CED research organization.

The CSEHub facilitates collaboration among six regional research centres across Canada:

The Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation is a national association of worker co-operatives. Its vision is to develop and support an integrated network of democratically controlled worker co-ops which provide a high quality of worklife, and which work together to support the development of healthy and sustainable local economies, based on co-operative principles.

The Centre for Community Enterprise has a number of resources available for order on topics such as planning, local empowerment, faith-based initiatives and sustainable development.

The CIRIEC Conference 2007 is the first international CIRIEC Research Conference on the social economy.

The Nova Scotia Government Website provides resources for activists and academics interested in CED.

The Toronto CED Learning Network's website has earned a Changemakers Award given to organizations around the world which have demonstrated excellence in social entrepreneurship. It has over 1,400 hyperlinks to free resources and information of interest to the CED community.

Women in Transition Out of Poverty is a paper that addresses a comprehensive, holistic approach to moving women out of poverty. It includes practical learning and concepts that may assist CED practitioners in strengthening their economic development programs for women. More reports on the issue are available at the website of Canadian Women's Foundation.



Statistics and Profiles of Canadian Communities provides access to statistical information from the 1996 Census of Population.

The Canadian Council on Social Development has statistics and factsheets available on issues such as child poverty, family poverty and urban poverty.


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