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Definition of a public entity
Conditions of acceptance
Resolution of any disagreement

CEDTAP has been receiving requests for funding from either municipal or regional structures, umbrella organizations representing sectoral interests and local economic development authorities. Usually, the applications are put forth by concerned citizens or are completed with the objective of creating a structure, program or a service which will directly benefit community members. Most of these requests relate to initial stages of development or foundation building. However, we are now observing an expansion of community initiatives led by volunteers who have not acquired any legal status and are unable to receive funds directly for their community projects. In this case, the public entity may often act as a legal trustee and will take responsibility to ensure effective administration of the funds received.

Furthermore, CEDTAP wishes to build the involvement of key institutions and institutional organisations in the CED sector to leverage informal but community based participation.

CEDTAP was created to fund community based CED initiatives. Therefore, there is a need to clarify under what circumstances and conditions funds could be allocated to such public entities.

The definition of public entity refers to the following categories of groups:

  • Municipal governments
  • Regional governments
  • Local economic development legal entities or authorities
  • Sectoral representative organizations (i.e. cooperative associations, women's association's, aboriginal associations, CED associations, etc.)

CEDTAP will agree to fund initiatives led by public entities under the following conditions:
  • When applying to CEDTAP for technical assistance funding, the public entity will need to clearly demonstrate the connection between the community project and the community participants or recipients.

  • Within the scope of the funded initiative, the public entity will establish a governance structure involving representatives from the main groups of participants in the project being supported., or from the recipients of support. Clear decision-making processes will be established which will directly involve the participants or recipients.

  • The public entity would act as a trustee and administer the funds in the name of a group of citizens or individuals created to undertake a CED initiative but who have not yet obtained any legal status.

  • A clear demonstration that during the process of implementation, the project will be transferred in whole or in part, to a non-profit community based entity representing the interests of the recipients or participants involved in the initiative.

  • If the public entity is a technical assistance provider with CEDTAP, they will not be eligible to receive funds as a provider if they are working within the project requesting technical assistance from CEDTAP.

  • If a public entity group is receiving technical assistance in a project they are promoting, CEDTAP will require that they contribute to the strengthening of the CED sector by making additional efforts to disseminate the learning and findings resulting from the technical assistance received.

The resolution of any disagreement in regard to the above eligibility policy will be forwarded to CEDTAP's management committee who will render a final decision.

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