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The JW McConnell Family Foundation
The JW McConnell Family Foundation
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Thanks to the support from our National Funder:
the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
  Kootenay School of the Arts Co-operative, Nelson, B.C.
Kootenay School of the Arts, Centre of Craft and Design is dedicated to graduating students who will be able to make a living through their professions in art, craft and design. CEDTAP is supporting marketing development for the organization.
Technical Assistance Provider:
Chris Rowat Design

Eastside Movement for Business and Economic Renewal Society (EMBERS), Vancouver, B.C.
EMBERS creates economic opportunities that make the neighborhood more livable for residents, especially those who are low-income. Technical assistance will help develop a hands-on training/mentoring program as a component of EMBERS community business program.
Technical Assistance Provider: Sandra MacDonald

Fairfield Community Association, Victoria, B.C.
The Kids in the Kitchen project, which centres around fudge production, will offer full and part-time jobs to local residents and in particular to youth requiring new opportunities and training. Technical assistance will assist with business and marketing plan development.
Technical Assistance Provider:
Vanessa Hammond

Fast Track to Employment, Vancouver, B.C.
CEDTAP is supporting an exchange between Fast Track and the Learning Enrichment Foundation in Toronto to explore a national labour market strategy, share employment resource development plans and technology applications under development.

Sayward Futures Society, Sayward, B.C.
The mission of the Society is to work in harmony with others to create a sound economic and positive social environment within the Sayward area. CEDTAP is supporting technical assistance for business plan and operating procedures development.
Technical Assistance Provider: Canadac Services

Peace Energy, A Renewable Energy Coop (PEC), Dawson Creek, B.C.
Project 1

CEDTAP funded an exchange for PEC to obtain advice from the Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative (TREC) on successful investment, technical and administrative requirements to establishing and developing an energy cooperative.

Project 2
This project builds on the first CEDTAP funded project, an exchange with the Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative. The next step, which involves further meetings and conference participation, is to move the project forward so that the community can realize its objective of becoming a leader of renewable energy in the province.

Developmental Disabilities Association, Richmond, B.C.
There is a huge need in Richmond for quality daycare spaces. The project is to conduct a feasibility study to determine whethere it is viable to develop an innovative model that will allow daycares to be subsidized by corporations in a hub setting.
Technical Assistance Provider: Annette Garm

Small Scale Food Processors Association, Saltspring Island, B.C.
Project 1
CEDTAP is funding an exchange between the Association and the Ontario Organic Famers Cooperative so that they may share knowledge about cooperatives being economically viable farming businesses.

Project 2
The SSFPA has been very actively recruiting members and creating real viable economic opportunities for small scale producers. Through CEDTAP support, the organization will move to the next step - - development of an organizational infrastructure and a business plan to operate a marketing service for its members.
Technical Assistance Provider: Community Venture Development Services

WISE Energy, Victoria, B.C.
WISE Energy is working with other organizations to complete a detailed biodiesel feasibility study. Subject to this study, supported by CEDTAP, WISE Energy will work with community partners to design and implement a biodiesel plant in 2004.
Technical Assistance Provider:TBA

Distinctive Employment Counselling Services of Alberta (DECSA), Edmonton, Alberta
DECSA works collaboratively to overcome barriers to employment in a changing world. Funding is being provided for the evaluation design of a social enterprise project which will support individuals with mental health concerns.
Technical Assistance Provider: Yelland Research & Evaluation Services


North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre, Saskatoon Independent Living Cooperative (SILC), Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
The mission of the housing initiative is to build a barrier-free community housing cooperative that supports the needs of people with disabilities. Technical assistance will assist in the development of a business plan for SILC.
Technical Assistance Provider: Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP)

Gabriel Dumont Institute, Regina, Saskatchewan
Support from CEDTAP will allow the Gabriel Dumont Institute to integrate its Web site with an e-commerce application. This will allow them to market new products more effectively, which translates into more work and income for Métis authors, videographers and artisans.

Prairie Alliance for the Future, Meota, Saskatchewan
The Prairie to Pine REDA is supporting Prairie Alliance for the Future to meet its mission of an enhanced quality of life for its residents and increased economic development in the region. It is anticipated that viable local cooperatives will help the agricultural community maximize rail usage and lower grain costs. Technical assistance will help in the development of a framework for this regional system of federated local coops.Technical Service Provider: Agri Trade and Transport

Saskatoon Child Hunger Education Program (CHEP), Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
This project, supported by CEDTAP, will develop a business plan for a community food store. It is the first stage in a larger vision for a food centre that will include a seasonal outdoor market, a community garden, public education programs and job training.
Technical Assistance Provider : Mark Richardson Consulting

Waskwei Forest Products Coop Exchange, Cumberland House, Saskatchewan
CEDTAP supported a study tour for the Coop to learn more about specific aspects of the hardwood lumber industry.

Community Action Co-op Regina Ltd., Regina, Saskatchewan
CEDTAP is supporting an exchange initiative - - the Alternative Housing Research Project. This research will look at alternative housing initiatives, including land trusts and intentional communities that could be implemented in the city of Regina


Association bénévole de Bellevue Inc., St-Isidore de Bellevue, Saskatchewan
L'association bénévole de Bellevue lacks the expertise to develop financing and marketing plans for the seniors and handicapped care facility that it has been pursuing since the organization was founded in 1979. The next step in the project's realization is to use this expertise to successfully market the facility, so that the remaining funds needed can be raised for this rural francophone community's care home.
Technical Assistance Provider: Conseil de la Coopération de la Saskatchewan

Northern Tourism Inc., Shell Lake, Saskatchewan
This project involves extensive participation by northern communities' residents and municipal councils in the creation of tourism planning models for three distinct types of northern communities: destination areas, an isolated northern community and an established tourism base.
Technical Assistance Provider: TBA

Interlakers with Disabilities Entrepreneur Association (IDEA), Riverton, Manitoba
The mission of IDEA is to empower potential and existing entrepreneurs with disabilities, through networking, services and resources. CEDTAP is supporting the development of a resource directory, designed to empower entrepreneurs with disabilities and to assist all service providers and the general public in the region. Technical Assistance Provider: Bye the Lake

North Central Development of Thompson, Thompson, Manitoba
CEDTAP is helping this group meet some of their technology requirements for the development of a new project: the Thompson Community Web portal

Common Ground Cooperative Inc. Toronto, Ontario
Common Ground is an incorporated, non-profit, cooperative service organization, promoting self-employment for people on the margins of our society who have intellectual disabilities. Technical assistance will help develop a sustainability plan for the coop businesses Common Ground has developed.
Technical Assistance Provider: Self Employment Development Initiatives

Fromagerie Coop. St-Albert, St-Albert, Ontario
Founded in 1894, the Fromagerie is a unique cooperative model that contributes to economic development in the community. One of the organization's initatives is the annual Curd Festival. Technical assistance will assure the permanence and growth of the festival as a tourist and cultural attraction.
Technical Assistance Provider: L'Art du développement

Old East Village Business Improvement Association, London, Ontario
The Old East Village Commercial Corridor Revitalization Plan seeks to integrate commercial, social and economic development of the corridor. CEDTAP is supporting the implementation of certain aspects of the plan, including an affordable housing pilot project and the development of a community loan fund.
Technical Assistance Provider:
Michael Driscoll

Nottawasaga Community Economic Development Corporation, Alliston, Ontario
The Nottawasaga CDC is in the process of developing the Nottawasaga Broadband Cooperative, which will bring the opportunity for high speed Internet access to people of this community. Technical assistance is supporting the development of a comprehensive business plan for the co-op.
Technical Assistance Provider: Ontario Cooperative Association

Riverdale Women's Immigrant Enterprise Centre, Toronto, Ontario
The CED sister initiative of the Riverdale Women's Centre, RIWE focuses on the economic empowerment of immigrant women. RIWE is receiving CEDTAP's assistance to acquire a technical assistance provider who will provide coaching on entrepreneurial leadership, partnership development and marketing and sales for a new social purpose enterprise, RIWE Tutoring.
Technical Assistance Provider : Allan Day and Associates

CALDECH, Penetanguishene, Ontario
CALDECH is a not-for-profit organization supporting community economic development in the Simcoe region. This project involves technical assistance to provide a business plan for a collaborative of 4 programs/projects related to job and leadership skills for Francophone youth.
Technical Assistance Provider : L'Art du Développement

Deep Water Development Corporation, Charlton, Ontario
The mission of the Deepwater Regional Development Corporation is to cultivate a creative, vibrant and sustainable regional community. CEDTAP is supporting the new DRDC Cobalt School of Arts and Innovation Initiative, which will promote, nuture and sustain creative innovation in the regional community.
Technical Assistance Provider: Growing Places Consulting

Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Guelph, Ontario
This organization is very actively engaged in the community, and has become known as an important resource to various groups including the alternative agriculture community, school boards, local citizens, environmental groups and social agencies.Technical Assistance will assist in developing an organizational plan, identifying markets, as well as capacity needs and coaching for the Centre.
Technical Assistance Provider: Alpha Projects

Ottawa Community Loan Fund, Ottawa, Ontario
Technical Assistance will assist the OCLF in developing the skills and infrastructure necessary for ongoing fundraising efforts.
Technical Assistance Provider: Projects on Target

Comité développement économique Ste. Anne de Prescott, Ste. Anne de Prescott, Ontario
Technical Assistance will help this group to research, prepare and present a Market Study related to agricultural diversification in consultation with community members. The goal is to reinforce the entrepreneurial ability of the local community through an exploration of sustainable and alternative agricultural production.
Technical Assistance Provider: L'art du Développement

YOUTHLINK, Toronto, Ontario
YOUTHLINK is a large youth agency that deals with many issues including counselling and treatment,outreach, HIV and addictions services. CEDTAP is supporting one of their projects, which aims to train youth in home maintenance skills while providing seniors with home maintenance audits and upgrades.
Technical Assistance Provider : Zizys Consulting

PARO : A Northwestern Ontario Women's Community Loan Fund, Thunder Bay, Ontario
PARO has successfully grown in the last few year. This is the right time to review where they are headed and assess their options for continued funding from a variety of sources. CEDTAP is supporting strategic planning and sustainability development.
Technical Assistance Provider : Rural Vision

North Simcoe Community Futures Development Corporation, Midland, Ontario
North Simcoe is an urban/rural mixed community with no public transportation in or among neighbouring towns and villages. CEDTAP is supporting an exchange between the organization's Transportation Action Team and the Town of Georgina and Lanark County to learn about their experiences operating volunteer-run transportation systems.

Coopérative de santé d'Aylmer, Aylmer, Québec
The cooperative works to improve the quality, range, accessibility and stability of health care services for persons living in Aylmer and surrounding rural areas. Technical assistance will help them evaluate plans to purchase a medical centre. It will also allow them to develop a business plan and financing strategy related to the acquisition.
Technical Assistance Provider: Les Productions LPS

Conseil québécois du loisir, Montréal, Québec
CEDTAP is funding a feasibility study and business plan development for a 'Quebec travel card' project. This initiative provides travel possibilities for low-income persons, while at the same time supporting tourism ventures in the region.
Technical Assistance Provider : Le groupe DBSF

Entrée Libre Inc., Montréal, Québec
Entrée Libre supports career development for young adults confronted with obstacles to social and professional integration and who are interested in working in the area of arts and culture. CEDTAP is providing support for this emerging organization's market studies and marketing plan development.
Technical Assistance Provider : Societé conseil BPS inc.

Renaissance, Montréal, Québec
Project 1

This not-for-profit group underwent exchanges in France and other European countries to learn about developing a system of fair trade in Quebec.

Project 2

Pursuant to the exchange program with France and a number of European countries regarding a system of fair trade in Quebec, Renaissance is receiving technical assistance for the development of a business plan.
Technical Assistance Provider: Iber-Géo Canada

C.A.F.É Paradoxe, Montréal, Québec
CEDTAP supported a market study and business plan development for the community-run café.
Technical Assistance Provider : Allan Bilodeau


Valleyfield Don Bosco, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Québec
The Valleyfield family vacation camp is proceeding with the construction of a new lodging facility. They are obtaining technical assistance for the development of a financing campaign that will increase profitability.
Technical Assistance Provider: El Zéart

Centre N A Rive, Montréal, Québec
Centre NA Rive provides literacy development and training for immigrant woman. The Centre is obtaining technical assistance to evaluate various financing strategies and to help put their strategic plan into action.
Technical Assistance Provider: Épisode

FDM Faites de la Musique, Montréal, Québec
This organization, which supports cultural development in the region, is looking to diversify its activities. The agency is receiving support for business plan development and financial restructuring.
Technical Assistance Provider: Marcon DDM

Confédération québécoise des coopéeratives d'habitation (CGCH), Québec, Québec
CGCH's mission is to develop and promote the concept of housing cooperatives and to offer services to federations, cooperatives and their members. Technical assistance will allow the organization to evaluate the financial potential of housing cooperatives in Québec and the opportunities for financial partnerships.
Technical Assistance Provider: Allan Gaudreault

Cité des Arts du cirque, Montréal, Québec
The cité des arts du cirque seeks to make Montréal an international centre for circus arts, promoting social innovation and sustainable development. This project aims to bring together social enterprises to take advantage of the Cite's activities by creating a synergy among themselves and to establish the region as a hub for social economic activity.
Technical Assistance Provider:
Le chantier de l'economie sociale

Centre d'education et d'action des femmes de Montréal (CEAF), Montréal, Québec
The CEAF has been in existence for the past 30 years. It seeks to provide social, economic and political education for women. More recently, CEAF has been asked to work with organizations and people who are involved in CED. Technical assistance will help with strategic planning so that CEAF can better serve their new clientele. Technical Assistance Provider : Relais-femmes

Cuisine Collective Hochelaga-Maissoneuve, Montréal, Québec
La Cuisine Collective Hochelaga-Maissoneuve is a not-for-profit organization that has been serving community members since 1986. CEDTAP is support a feasibility study to develop a bed & breakfast for public servants and those working in community service. The b&b would be transformed out of the cottage adjoining the Collective Kitchen.
Technical Assistance Provider : DARVIDA Conseil

Coopérative Solidarité Rocher Percé, Val d'Espoir, Québec
The Coopérative de solidarité Rocher Percé is receiving technical assistance for a needs assessment and feasiblity study in order to establish a 'maison familiale et rural' in that region. 'Maisons familiales et rurales' offer youth opportunities to learn in a group setting and to work in their community, acquiring relevant knowledge and skills.
Technical Assistance Provider :
Themcom Consultations

Charlo Tourism Development Committee, Charlo, New Brunswick
CEDTAP is supporting the development of the Charlo Sustainable Tourism Development Plan. The initiative will help the community diversify its economy in a sustainable fashion by creating jobs and new businesses locally while targeting youth and unemployed citizens.
Technical Assistance Provider: TBA

West Island Shellfish Cooperative, Tignish, P.E.I.
West Island Shellfish Cooperative Limited is a shellfish buying, packaging, and distribution co-op owned and operated by eleven seasoned Prince Edward Island oyster harvesters. Technical Assistance will allow the co-ooperative to seek mentor support during the start-up phase of the new oyster processing facility .
Technical Assistance Provider : Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation

Central Development Association, Parson's Pond, Newfoundland
The mission of the Central Development Association is to promote social and economic development in the Northern Peninsula Central Region of Newfoundland. The organization has begun a new project to develop adventure tourism in this region. Technical assistance will help them to build local capacities through research, analysis, story synthesis, product development and the preparation of resource materials.
Technical Assistance Provider: TBA

Canadian Worker Co-op Federation (CWCF), Kentville, Nova Scotia
CWCF works for the development and expansion of businesses organized according to co-operative principles and the principles of worker ownership and control. Support from CEDTAP will be used to create a strategy to secure resources for the Worker-Coop Fund. The Fund has been successful in investing in worker co-operatives for the creation and maintenance of jobs.
Technical Assistance Provider:
Greg O'Neill

Dalhousie Business Improvement Area Corporation (DBIAC), Dalhousie, New Brunswick
The goal of the
DBIAC is to improve business and increase economic activity in Dalhousie. The Corporation is looking to establish a Dalhousie Ferry Service for such objectives as the expansion of the local tourism industry, strengthening of the forestry sector and job creation. Technical assistance will be provided for business planning and development.
Technical Assistance Provider: Brock Dickinson

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