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The JW McConnell Family Foundation
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Thanks to the support from our National Funder:
the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
  Canadian Co-operative Association. Vancouver, B.C.
The CCA is assisting rural communities in B.C. in the development of cooperative models for rural health care delivery. Funding through CEDTAP will support tasks such as group development, organizational structure and governance plans, plus feasibility and business planning.
Technical assistance provider: Members of the B.C. Co-op Developers Network

Canadian Eco-Lumber Coop, Vancouver, B.C.
The Eco-Lumber Coop is an innovative partnership of forest products producers and environmental advocacy groups, with a mission to promote, develop appropriate markets for, and distribute members' eco-certified forest products. Technical assistance from an experienced co-operative developer is guiding them through their business plan development phase.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

Small Scale Food Processors Association, Victoria, B.C.
The SSFP is receiving technical assistance to design and launch an innovative organizational development strategy that will link existing regional groups within a provincial organization. The organization was developed to support the interests of existing and emerging small-scale producers who are organizing a growing number of value-added food ventures in British Columbia
Technical assistance provider: Community Venture Development Services (CVDS)

Simon Charlie Society, Duncan, B.C.
Project 1

CEDTAP is providing support for the Simon Charlie Society to undertake a strategic planning process. A federally incorporated charitable organization, the Simon Charlie Society has been established with the mission of creating a renaissance in Coast Salish traditions, heritage and culture.

Project 2
Technical assistance is helping The Simon Charlie Society develop a comprehensive, overall business plan including five micro enterprise plans, overall financial plan, marketing strategy, human resource plan and organizational plan.

Technical assistance provider: The Klyne Group

Malcolm Island Shellfish Co-operative, Sointula, B.C.
MISC has identified abalone farming as a financial opportunity capable of creating a new industry base for B.C. coastal communities. Funding through CEDTAP, for services such as design, technical validation and programming, will aid in the development of a training program for these abalone farms.
Technical assistance provider: Laura Phelps, Michelle Rosser, Brent Smith, Glen Watson

Wild Island Food Co-operative, Sointula, B.C.
Wild Island Foods Co-operative is an innovative "Business Incubator" model and is unique in Western Canada. This initiative is a Pilot Project to provide an outreach Micro Food Processing training program. CEDTAP support will facilitate the development and delivery of the program.
Technical assistance provider: TBA


Community Futures Development Corporation of Fraser, Fort George, Prince George, B.C.
The WoodTEK Business Development Centre is a business incubator for the value-added wood manufacturing industry. It is an important economic development initiative of the Community Futures Development Corporation of Fraser Fort George and the College of New Caledonia. Assistance from CEDTAP is helping the CFDC develop the right business tools for success, which they will provide for manufacturing business owners/managers.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

CEDCO Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
CEDCO Victoria has mobilized partnerships with a view to create a Community Investment Fund to support CED in Greater Victoria. CEDTAP assistance will help them meet the next challenge: the design of an operational platform for the fund.
Technical assistance provider: Centre for Community Enterprise

Coast Cultural Alliance, Gibsons, B.C.
e-Paedeia is a pilot project that will support a larger, long-term project that, as technology and funds permit, will provide access to the arts and arts education of all types through electronic technology. CEDTAP support will help the CCA determine technological and pedagogical requirements for interactive on-line learning for this microproject.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

Greater Victoria Housing Trust (Community Housing Research Foundation), Victoria, B.C.
The mission of the 'trust' will be to mobilize community partnerships and private financing to facilitate development of affordable housing and related training and employment opportunities for vulnerable populations in Greater Victoria. CEDTAP support will assist with the creation of an appropriate organizational design and business case for the initiative.
Technical assistance provider: TBA


District of Stewart, Stewart, B.C.
The Port Development Project aims to preserve the social sustainability of this town in Northwest B.C. by developing long-term employment opportunities. In order to optimize the Project, a Value Engineering Analysis will be conducted. CEDTAP support will assist the District with such activities as feasibility studies, capital cost analysis, market research and business plan development.
Technical assistance provider: Lauga and Associates

B.C. Maritime Resource Co-op, Sointula, B.C.
CEDTAP support is helping in the development and promotion of a co-operative leasehold system for small shellfish producers. A business plan for the B.C. Maritime Resource Co-operative is also being completed.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

Kootenay School of the Arts Cooperative, Nelson, B.C.
Kootenay School of the Arts: Centre of Craft and Design is dedicated to graduating students who will be able to make a living through their professions in art, craft, and design. CEDTAP is funding a technological upgrade to keep
KSA's communications and computer systems up to date.

Kootenay Community Services Cooperative, Salmo, B.C.
The leadership staff of non-profit multi-service organizations in the Kootenay area have recently become interested in working more formally together in order to continue and enhance the level and quality of services available in the region. The group is specifically exploring the formation of a shared services cooperative or some other corporate entity to serve their overall purposes. Services of a consultant supported through CEDTAP will help with such aspects as business plan development and opportunity identification.
Technical Assistance Provider: United Community Service Cooperative

Turtle Island Earth Stewards, Salmon Arm, B.C.
As a land trust resource group
TIES provides assistance to landowners and communities to steward, enhance, restore and protect lands and forest. In addition TIES undertakes environmental education and sustainable community initiatives in B.C. and in developing countries. CEDTAP is helping fund the development of an organizational model that combines the values of CED and community land trust principles into an entrepreneurial land trust model that can be utilized by the sector. Technical Assistance Provider: Gary Wilson

Bissel Center, Edmonton, Alberta
CEDTAP is providing assistance to develop a marketing plan for the street magazine, "Our Voice". The aim is to increase the revenues generated by the magazine through increased circulation and advertising and to make the magazine self sufficient.
Technical Assistance Provider: Alana LaPerle Consulting

Central Edmonton Community Land Trust (CECLT), Edmonton, Alberta
The CECLT is a non-profit organization whose aim is to provide affordable housing in central Edmonton for lower income families and individuals who have been priced out of the traditional housing market. Technical assistance through CEDTAP will help CECLT research the legal, financial and organizational aspects of the transition process for residents of CECLT housing units intending to move from rent-to-own to home ownership.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

Saskatoon Credit Union, Saskatoon
CEDTAP is provding funding for the Saskatoon Credit Union, Community Development, to obtain training materials and receive training in order to implement the Individual Development Account Program in Saskatoon. The objectives of this program include educating low income people about financial management skills as well as helping them save money toward a specific need or goal that they have and matching the amount contributed by the individual. Technical assistance provider: Mennonite Central Committee

Saskatchewan Commercial Co-op, Spruce Home, Saskatchewan
Funding through CEDTAP is assisting with the establishment of a fish processing plant in Saskatchewan. This project will provide the opportunity for fishers to own the processing entity and generate a higher income for themselves and their families.
Technical assistance providers: Martin Chicilo, McDougall Gauley, Barristers and Solicitors


North West Communities Wood Products, Ltd, Beauval, Saskatchewan
Funding through CEDTAP is supporting a feasibility study and implementation of a remote chipping of Aspen as feedstock for a pulp plant. The membership communities of North West Communities Wood Products, Ltd. were brought together to foster co-operative development of the forest resource in order to promote economic and social development within the communities and the region as a whole.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

White Buffalo Ranch - Thunderchild Investments Inc, Turtleford, Saskatchewan
CEDTAP is supporting assistance to compile and analyse the practical and financial data necessary to establish an operational self-sufficiency plan for small-scale cattle ranching on Thunderchild First Nations land, using cattle supplied by the Band owned and operated White Buffalo Ranch.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

Northwest Regional Economic Development Authority, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Project 1: Northwest REDA is dedicated to encouraging economic growth and diversification and community development in the Northwest Region of Saskatchewan. One such development project is the 'Goodsoil Value Added Wood Products.' CEDTAP support will facilitate assistance to assess local raw material and determine the best products to be produced from it and how best to market these products.

Project 2: The research concluded that the project could be viable, therefore CEDTAP funded the development of a business plan to bring the project to its next phase. Technical Assistance Provider: Mark Richardson Consulting

Crocus Co-op, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Crocus Co-op is a community-based self help organization serving the needs of mental health consumers in the Saskatoon area since 1983. The Co-op is taking the time to redefine and refocus itself in order to expand its linkages to a larger community. Technical assistance will help the organization with capacity assessment and building. Technical AssistanceProvider: Yelland Research and Evaluation Services

Kelsey Development Corp, Tisdale, Saskatchewan

Kelsey Development Corporation is a community-based rural economic development corporation formed to stem out-migration and the deterioration of its rural economy. CEDTAP is funding a study which will help build a business case such that farmers and the rural community can work towards the development of flax fibre production and processing in their area. Technical Assistance Provider: TBA

Network of Community Enterprise Development Centres, Russell, Manitoba
Project 1
The mission of the N-CEDC is to maximize the availability and effectiveness of the entrepreneurial and enterprise development resources at the community level. One project, entitled the "Learning for Life" initiative is an exciting three year pilot project to promote, develop and deliver lifelong learning opportunities. CEDTAP is supporting technical assistance for the project's consolidation and growth phases, including activities such as Web site development and implementation of an evaluation model.

Project 2
Series of 5 professional workshops for community facilitators, steering committees and board that will increase their skills in various areas
Technical assistance provider: Rural Development Institute, Brandon University

West Broadway Development Corporation, Winnipeg, Manitoba
WB.C.LT facilitates the development/rehabilitation of affordable housing along with economic and environmental development initiatives. CEDTAP has contributed funding towards the development of a long-term business plan to help ensure WB.C.LT remains an enduring, sustainable operation.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

SEED Winnipeg, Winnipeg
SEED Winnipeg's mission is to combat poverty and assist in the renewal of primarily inner city communities. CEDTAP is funding a study for SEED to investigate the vehicles by which equity capital is made available for CED business start-ups and expansions in other parts of North America, and to determine the feasibility of establishing an equity capital fund for such businesses in Winnipeg.
Technical Assistance Provider: Garry Loewen & Associates


Parkdale/Liberty Economic Development Corporation, Toronto, Ontario
The organization's mission is to "encourage and stimulate economic initiatives and collaborative community partnerships that build and nurture sustainable and environmentally sound growth." Through CEDTAP financial support, they will be developing a model for a Community and Farmer's Market for the two Toronto neighborhoods of Parkdale-Liberty and Flemingdon Park.
Technical assistance provider: FoodShare Toronto

PARO and Women's Own Resource Centre, Ontario
CEDTAP has provided funds for the Women's Own Resource Centre to conduct an exchange visit with PARO and their womens' credit circles in northwestern Ontario.

PARO: A Northwestern Ontario Women's Community Loan Fund, Thunder Bay, Ontario
The goal of the PARO PRESENTS project is to create a retail store to provide an opportunity for women to gain retail and marketing experience, but also to sell their products. CEDTAP support will help them develop a sustainable operating system for a community business as well as a marketing strategy.
Technical assistance provider: TrendSeek International

Riverdale Immigrant Women's Enterprise Centre, Toronto, Ontario
Riverdale Immigrant Women Enterprise (RIWE) Centre is a community economic development initiative of the Riverdale Immigrant Women's Centre (RIWC) which has been set up by RIWC to focus on the economic empowerment of immigrant women. Technical Assistance will help RIWE with business plan development.
Technical assistance provider: The Eastbridge Group

Sault Ste. Marie Teen Centre, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
The Sault Ste. Marie Teen Centre provides the youth of Sault Ste. Marie with positive opportunities for social, recreational and educational activities in order to enhance life skills, social interaction and community involvement in a supervised drug, alcohol and harassment free environment. Technical assistance for further development of the Centre's social entrepreneurship component will facilitate strategic planning sessions, communications and leadership workshops as well as business plan development.
Technical assistance provider: John Pepin


South-East Ottawa Centre for a Healthy Community, Ottawa, Ontario
South-East Ottawa Centre works with the diverse community of South-East Ottawa to foster a healthy community. One of their initiatives, "Dare to Dream", is designed to offer financial literacy and develop assets for low-income people. The program will use the services of technical services provider to develop the financial literacy curriculum for practicioners of the program.
Technical assistance provider: SEDI

Stratford House of Blessing, Stratford, Ontario
The Stratford House of Blessing provides practical assistance: food, furniture, clothing and financial and credit counselling to low-income individuals and families in the Stratford and Perth County area. Technical assistance providers will help Stratford House manage its growth through strategic and operational planning as well through the development of a fundraising plan.
Technical assistance providers: Jim Brown and Carol Rock

Toronto CED Learning Network, Toronto, Ontario
The Toronto CED Network's purpose is to increase the existing and future capacity of voluntary organizations to develop effective, successful and sustainable community economic development initiatives. One project which helps support this objective is the development of a Toronto Communities Catalogue. Technical Assistance funded through CEDTAP will provide research and analysis and coaching services to the catalogue marketing team and interested members of the advisory committee.
Technical assistance provider: SEDI

Women's Own Resource Centre, South River, Ontario
Project 1
The Women's Own Resource Centre assists women with economic growth and independance. Support from CEDTAP will further their strategic planning process for board and staff members.

Project 2
The Purpose of this initiative is to engage in strategic planning-including SWOT analysis -for Board and Staff to develop strategic objectives.

Technical assistance provider: WRED (Women and Rural Economic Development)

Dixon Hall SEED Program, Toronto, Ontario
Technical assistance funded through CEDTAP will facilitate the development of a comprehensive and working business plan for one of
Dixon Hall's social enterprises, The Mill Centre. Dixon Hall offers a wide range of programs and services to the residents of Regent Park, Canada's largest public housing complex.
Technical assistance provider: John Pepin and Associates

Heritage Skills Development Centre, Toronto, Ontario
Heritage Skills Development Centre (HSDC) is non-profit charitable organization established in 1993 to promote the social and economic well being of immigrant women, youth and families so they may contribute to Canadian communities and benefit from the opportunities that Canada may offer. CEDTAP support will enable them to develop a strategic plan for making the Heritage Fashion Design Network (HFDN) project of the Heritage Skills Development Centre (HSDC) economically viable and self sufficient for growth and sustainability.
Technical assistance provider:
Community Business Resource Centre


Somali Women and Children's Network - Haween Enterprises, Etobicoke, Ontario
The SWCSN is a community organization which seeks to provide transitional services to immigrant women and children to foster leadership skills and encourage women toward self-sufficiency. CEDTAP is providing funds for technical assistance to promote the organization's growth and expansion, including the establishement of a new business enterprise.
Technical assistance provider: Allan Day & Associates/Eastbridge Enterprises

Common Ground Cooperative, Inc., Toronto, Ontario
Common Ground is an incorporated, non-profit, cooperative service organization, without share capital, promoting self-employment for people on the margins of society who have intellectual disabilities. CEDTAP is providing funds for technical assistance which will help the organization design and cost renovations for a new kitchen location for their food catering company. It will also allow them to design and equip a food kiosk for their retail outlet company.
Technical assistance provider: Alternative Grounds Coffee House/A.G. Designers and Contractors

Women and Rural Economic Development, Stratford, Ontario
WRED, a registered charity, is a community economic development (CED) organization dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of rural Ontario communities. CEDTAP is providing funding which will assist WRED in the development of a strategic plan, as well as in the implementation of a new organizational structure and operational plan to successfully move into the future.
Technical assistance provider: Strive!


Centretown Community Health Centre, Ottawa, Ontario
The mission of
The Centretown Community Health Centre's Good Food Box Club is to increase access to low-cost fresh fruits and vegetables for individuals and families with low-incomes and those facing other barriers to accessing fresh fruits and vegetables and to increase knowledge and skills for healthy eating. Technical assistance is being provided through CEDTAP in order to complete a feasibility assessment and develop a business and operations plan for the OGFB.C..
Technical assistance provider: John Pepin and Associates

Old East Village Business Improvement Association, London, Ontario
The Old East London BIA is a municipal sub-committee consisting of local merchants and agency representatives. Their mandate is to beautify, improve and promote the Old East Village shopping district (the commercial corridor). Technical assistance will allow them to form and guide action teams in support of priority initiatives identified during the current phase of community consultation and resource analysis.
Technical assistance provider: Mike Driscoll

Agincourt Community Services Association, Scarborough, Ontario
Agincourt Community Services Association is a charitable, multi-service neighbourhood agency that exists to identify and provide services, information and programs in response to the diverse needs and interests of the multicultural community. Funding through CEDTAP is supporting the continued development of the agency's "Take Home A Healthy Meal" program, which provides meals to isolated and vulnerable seniors. Technical assistance will help assess the viability of the program and provide strategies to increase its impact. Technical Assistance Provider: Allan Day and Associates

Mornington Cheese & Dairy Co-op, Milverton, Ontario
Mornington Heitage Cheese & Dairy Co-operative Inc. was formed to give dairy goat producers an opportunity to participate in value-added processing activities beyond the farm gate. Mornington is now manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of specialty goat cheeses made from milk produced by local member producers. Technical assistance is being provided in order to strengthen the co-op's business management systems. Technical Assistance Provider: CCA

Women's Employment Resource Centre, Woodstock, Ontario
The Women's Employment Resource Centre creates a community which enables economic sufficiency through the discovery and development of knowledge, skills, internal resources and social supports. The Centre's Work Place Training and Manufacturing component provides training opportunities for women with little paid work history and multiple barriers to employment. CEDTAP is supporting this component in such areas as market research and human resources management. Technical Assistance Provider: The Eastbridge Group


Équiterre, Montréal, Québec
Équiterre is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting ecological, socially just choices through action, education and research. Their programs include sustainable transportation, energy efficiency and ecological agriculture. Funding through CEDTAP is helping them develop a strategy to attract donor members.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

Joujouthèque Hochelaga-Maisonneuve - Montréal, Québec
La Joujouthèque Hochelaga - Maisonneuve is a social economy organization serving underprivileged individuals and groups in the Montréal region of Hochelaga-Maissoneuve. In light of recent difficulties, CEDTAP is providing support for technical assistance which will help the group reposition itself. Initiatives include strategic planning, market research, plus the development of marketing and business plans.
Technical assistance provider: Coopérative de Travail Interface

Centre de plein air Marie-Paule, Ste-Véronique, Québec
Technical assistance funded through CEDTAP will help this not-for-profit organization implement its new business plan.
Technical assistance provider: MCE Conseils et Pierre-Luc Beauregard, architecte

Solidarité Rurale Abitibi Timiscamingue, Montbeillard, Québec
CEDTAP support will help
Solidarité develop training for community-based journals so that they can enhance their visual identities, plus find ways to attract more volunteers to the publications.
Technical Assistance Provider: Les productions Abitibi-Témiscamingue et MGG, Formation-Consultation Inc.

Collectif des entreprises d'insertion du Québec, Montréal, Québec
Through support from CEDTAP, the Collectif is conducting a needs analysis and feasibility study in order to develop methods for broader marketing of their products and services.
Technical assistance provider: Société BPS

Corporation de développement communautaire Montmagny-L'Islet, Montmagny, Québec
The old flour mill, Moulin Patton, dates back to 1842 in the town of Montmagny. The Corporation is receiving technical assistance so they may evaluate plans to put the Mill to use in ways which will benefit the community.
Technical assistance provider: Pierre Couture

Regroupement québécois des coopérateurs et coopératrices du travail (RQCCT), Montréal, Québec
RQCCT is a not-for-profit organization which has been in existence since 1981. It has been committed to the development and promotion of a cooperative model in the workplace as a democratic alternative for creating employment and taking control of economic destiny. Technical assistance will help the organization with strategic planning in its growth phase, including business plan development and management procedures.
Technical assistance provider: Stéphan Schwab

Association des popotes roulantes du Montréal métropolitain, Montréal, Québec
APRMM's mission is to support members who deliver (popotes) 'meals on wheels' to senior citizens in need and to promote the development of (popotes) 'meals on wheels' projects in different areas of Montr
éal. Through CEDTAP support, the organization will receive technical assistance as they conduct a feasibility study and engage in business plan development for a food production centre.
Technical assistance provider: Sherpa, Société-conseil en gestion

Fonds d'emprunt économique communautaire, Québec, Québec A community credit organization, FEECQ has been in existence for the past five years. Through support from CEDTAP, they are receiving the services of a technical assistance provider to aid with strategic assessment of their organization and planning development.
Technical assistance provider: Fédération québécoise des coopératives de travail

Centre Plein Air et Camping Saint-Michel Inc., St-Michel, Québec
Having completed a feasibility study and concept paper, the Centre Plein Air is receiving CEDTAP support to develop a business plan for the establishment of a caravan campsite to encourage economic development in the community of St-Michel. The business plan will help outline profitability and employment opportunities and is designed to attract partnerships for financial and material resources.
Technical assistance provider: AGIR Inc., Groupe conseil

Association pour les Personnes Handicapées de la Petite-Nation, St-André-Avellin, Quebec
A.P.H.P.N offers accompaniment support for adults with handicaps, so they may engage in such as activities as medical appointments, cultural events, as well as going to work and school. Technical assistance will help develop a market study for the establishment of a social economy enterprise adapted for adults with handicaps.
Technical Assistance Provider: Coopérative de travail Interface


Coastal Communities Network, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
CCN has become a strong voice for small communities in rural Nova Scotia. Assistance through CEDTAP for funding and marketing strategy development will allow the group to learn how to create a strong, visual profile of CCN and to promote its assets as an organization.
Technical assistance provider: Achnacarry Consulting Ltd.

Watershed Association Development Enterprises, Preston, Nova Scotia
CEDTAP is supporting business plan development and the development of support networks for the upcoming annual Preston Summer Music Festival. The festival will involve a wide range of sectors in the community and should foster partnerships within the community and with external organizations.
Technical assistance provider: Atlantic CED Institute

Nova Scotia Highland Village Society, Nova Scotia
The mission of the Nova Scotia Highland Village Society is to promote, interpret and celebrate Nova Scotia's Gaelic language and culture, in part through the Highland Village Museum. Due to significant growth, the Society is looking at developing a new facility. Technical assistance is helping with the completion of a feasibility study for the development, construction and operation of a new visitors/cultural centre at the Museum. Technical Assistance Provider: Catherine C. Cole

Human Development Council, Saint John, New Brunswick
The Human Development Council coordinates and promotes social development in Greater Saint John. Technical assistance will help the Council to prepare and carry out a formative evaluation of the Saint John Community Loan Fund and the Community Business Development Programme
Technical assistance provider: Colin MacInnes

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