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The JW McConnell Family Foundation
The JW McConnell Family Foundation
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The Community Economic Development Technical Assistance Program
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Thanks to the support from our National Funder:
the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

LifeCycles, Victoria, B.C.
LifeCycles is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating awareness and initiating action around food, health and urban sustainability. Technical assistance will help the organization develop a diversified fundraising strategy. The mission and core values of the organization will also be revisited to ensure comprehensive policies around private sector contributions and partnerships.
Technical assistance provider: Back on Track Inc.

Mennonite Central Committee, B.C. Employment Development Department, Abbotsford, B.C.
Technical assistance will help
MCC Employment design and implement systems and procedures that will facilitate the implementation of a "Futures Foundations" Individual Development Account (IDA) project in the Fraser Valley. IDAs equip low-income individuals with tools and resources to build their savings, assets, and financial skills.
Technical assistance provider: Employment Development, Mennonite Central Committee, Alberta

PEACH, Vancouver, B.C.
Partners for Economic and Community Help (PEACH) helps residents, organizations and businesses access government and other funds and tools to re-vitalize Vancouver's downtown Eastside. Technical assistance will help the organization create a framework to evaluate the impact of PEACH on the community and the effectiveness of the programs it delivers.
Technical assistance provider: Centre for Community Leadership


Upper Similkameen Indian Band, Keremos, B.C.
Located in central B.C., the Upper Similkameen Indian Band is restoring and preserving the "Canadian grand-daddy of mines". Their goal is to bring together First Nation’s history and Canadian mining history by converting the site into a heritage and industrial tourist attraction. Technical assistance will provide the Hedley Mascot Gold Mine Project with the architectural expertise to move the Interpretive Centre's concept drawings to the development phase; architectural-engineering know how to further stabilize the mine, and mentoring from an expert in fundraising.
Technical assistance provider: Helen O'Toole and Associates, Barry McGinn Engineering and Preservation Ltd.

The Loan Circle Society of Central Alberta, Red Deer, Alberta
The Loan Circle Society of Central Alberta is receiving CEDTAP assistance to create entrepreneurial and money management programs that can be used by a variety of community agencies.
Technical assistance provider: MCC Employment Development

Alberta CED Investment Committee, Edmonton, Alberta
Community supported vehicles for financing CED represents an important new approach in addressing some of the financial challenges faced by low income communities in raising start up and expansion capital. By raising capital directly from sympathetic businesses, institutions or community oriented individuals, community investment can provide a source of new capital for community economic development initiatives. CEDTAP support will assist with the research and development of a detailed fiscal framework for an Alberta based CED Investment fund.
Technical assistance provider: Another Way Consulting

Women Building Futures Society, Edmonton, Alberta
The mission of the Women Building Futures Society is to contribute to the long-term economic stability of low-income women by increasing their readiness and ability to secure and sustain employment in the construction trades. They are receiving technical assistance through CEDTAP for market research, business plan development and strategic planning.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

Pakistan Canada Association of Edmonton, Edmonton, Alberta
Technical assistance is helping the organization develop a marketing plan for their Handicraft Production Centre. The centre was established by seniors who identified income-generation as a major barrier experienced by older immigrants.
Technical assistance provider: Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation


Stardale Women's Group Inc. Foundation, Melfort, Saskatchewan
The mission of Stardale is to provide life skills and literacy to women living in poverty and abusive situations. The organization is receiving support from CEDTAP for the startup of an artistic co-operative, in which members will produce and sell creative designs using Coast Salish weaving methods. Speficically, technical assistance through CEDTAP will provide members with more knowledge and training in business, marketing strategies, board development, advanced weaving techniques and research/experimentation with flax linen fibre.
Technical assistance provider: CHS Enterprises Inc.; the Department of Fiber Arts and Pottery and Glass Blowing of the Alberta College of Art and Design; Biolin Research

Quint Development Corporation, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Quint Development Corporation is a non-profit CED corporation that serves the needs of Saskatoon's five core neighbourhoods. Technical assistance will support a strategic planning process that will allow Quint to re-examine its goals and objectives in light of the concerns, aspirations and problems of local residents.
Technical assistance provider: Centre for Community Enterprise

Winnipeg Co-operative Business Development Pilot Project, Winnipeg, Manitoba
The purpose of this pilot project initiated by the
The Assiniboine Credit Union is to create a support system for new business co-operatives and other forms of community enterprise. Technical assistance is needed to complete the design, implementation as well as a test-run of the pilot.
Technical assistance provider: Neil Loughran


Atkinson Housing Co-operative, Toronto, Ontario
The Atkinson Housing Co-operative is a 410-unit housing initiative located in downtown Toronto. Formerly the Alexandra Park Housing Project, the 1100 residents voted in 1998 to convert their publicly subsidized units into co-op housing. Technical Assistance will help the Atkinson Housing Co-operative develop its board governance, contract management, operating agreement and a fundraising strategy.
Technical assistance provider: Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto

The Centretown Laundry Co-operative, Ottawa, Ontario
The Laundry Co-operative's mission is to "empower its members -- street cultured and those living on low-incomes -- to set up, run and take ownership of a self-sustaining, affordable and accessible laundry facility geared to their needs". The co-op, an initiative spearheaded by the First United Church, will use the technical assistance to help develop their organizational structure and a business plan.
Technical assistance provider: L'Art du développement


Deep Water Development Corporation, Charlton, Ontario
Deep Water Development Corporation developed out of a lengthy struggle for the future of this near-northern community which straddles the Quebec-Ontario border. The group is comprised of native and non-native peoples, as well as Francophones, Anglophones and farmers who have committed to work together to increase employment and the social and economic well-being of of their community. Technical assistance will allow Deep Water to go on a study tour to learn about the CED initiatives taking place in communities similar to their own. CEDTAP will also support a two-day strategic planning session where the organization will determine its mission, mandate and next steps.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

Niagara Food Innovations, Jordan, Ontario
Niagara Food Innovations' mission is to support the efforts of small Niagara processors to produce premium specialty food products using local agricultural products. Creating viable business opportunities for low-income individuals, with particular emphasis on women, is an integral part of NFI's mission. NFI is receiving CEDTAP support to enhance the enterprise's business and financial management systems, develop its sales, and ensure sufficient cash flow to sustain the business during its rapid growth phase.
Technical assistance provider: Canadian Co-operative Association, Ontario Region


Causeway Work Center, Ottawa, Ontario
In this initiative, CEDTAP is supporting a study tour to the ANNEX project in Toronto. The tour will allow Causeway to learn about a new CED initiative that creates employment for people with disability or substance abuse problems.

The Ottawa Community Loan Fund, Ottawa, Ontario
The Ottawa Community Loan Fund (OCLF) is receiving technical assistance to develop a strategic plan to ensure long-term financial viability.
Technical assistance provider: Born Epp Ideas

TREC Windpower Co-operative, Toronto, Ontario
The TREC Windpower Co-operative (TWC) is a joint project of the Toronto Renewable Energy Co-op (a community-based energy co-operative) and Toronto Hydro Services (THESI). TWC will develop up to three utility scale wind turbines on the Toronto waterfront. Technical assistance will help TWC develop its bylaws, a membership agreement, train the Board of Directors, and prepare online materials.
Technical assistance provider: TBA


Les Bureaux d'Antoine, Montréal, Québec
Les Bureaux d'Antoine is a training business where youth at risk make office furniture. CEDTAP support is allowing the organization to develop a strategic plan and to analyze their production procedures and mechanisms.
Technical assistance provider: MCE Conseils

Société Cascapédia, Cascapédia-St.Jules, Québec
The Société Cascapédia was founded in 1982 to manage and develop the salmon resource (the "ressource saumon") found in the Cascapédia river. The Société is managed jointly by an Aboriginal and a non-Aboriginal community, and all proposed developments of the salmon resource are analyzed using community, environmental and economic criteria. Technical assistance will allow the organization to renew both its vision of the development of the river and the Société itself.
Technical assistance provider:
ThemCom Consultants and the New Economy Development Group


CKUT Radio McGill, Montréal, Québec
CKUT serves as a community focus point and resource for local alternative, experimental, and marginalized cultural and social justice initiatives. Technical assistance is being provided to establish a collective management structure for a non-profit, campus-based, community radio station.
Technical assistance provider: Fédération québécoise des coopératives de travail

Coopérative de solidarité de Rocher-Percé, Québec
Since 1997, the Coopérative de solidarité de Rocher-Percé has been working on renewing the agricultural sector in the Gaspé region of Québec. One of their strategies is to grow medicinal plants. In order to learn more about this practice, CEDTAP is supporting a study tour to France and Switzerland for three of the co-op members.

Production Absolu St. Laurent, Montréal, Québec
Through CEDTAP, technical assistance will support market research for the development of historical cruises on the Lachine canal in Montréal.
Technical assistance provider: RESO


Réseau des Ressourceries du Québec, Montréal, Québec
The Réseau des Ressourceries du Québec is a network of community enterprises involved in sustainable resource management. The network provides technical assistance, research and development, and coaching and mentoring to its members. Support from CEDTAP will allow the Réseau des Ressourceries to research strategies to become more self-sufficient.
Technical assistance provider: TBA

Business Venture Group, Saint John, New-Brunswick
The Business Venture Group is meeting with the Ontario Council of Alternative Business to learn more about mental health consumer-controlled businesses and support the development of similar initiatives in the Atlantic.

Nova Scotia Mik'Maq Economic Development Officers' Network
CEDTAP is supporting a tourism development plan for the 13 First Nations communities in the province. The plan will be prepared with the participation of economic development officers, so that they can enhance their skills in research, planning, marketing and budgeting at the same time.
Technical assistance provider: Atlantic CED Institute

Regional Co-operative Development Centre (RCDC), Moncton, New Brunswick
The RCDC is receiving CEDTAP support to conduct a market research/feasibility study that will enable the organization to expand its youth program and bring it to communities in need.
Technical Assistance Provider: TBA.

Isle Madame Development and Heritage Foundation, Arichat, Nova Scotia
The Isle Madame Development and Heritage Foundation will assume responsibility of Development Isle Madame's heritage projects. Technical assistance will allow those involved in the Foundation to define its mandate, develop a business plan and initiate an application for charitable status.
Technical assistance provider: Silver Donald Cameron and Achnacary Consulting Ltd.


Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital Heritage Corporation, Norris Point, Newfoundland
The Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital opened in 1939 to provide health care to residents of this rural area of Newfoundland. But with the building of a new, modern medical facility, the Cottage Hospital is scheduled to close. As a result, a non-profit organization has been established to take ownership of the historic hospital and pursue alternative uses for the facility that will benefit the local area. Technical assistance will help the group build a functioning organization, determine asset-transfer requirements, establish an interim operating plan, identify and assess opportunities, and develop a sustainable operating plan.
Technical assistance provider: David Simms, Great Northern Peninsula Development Corporation

Sanikiluaq Community Economic Development Committee, Sanikiluaq, Nunavut
The Sanikiluaq Community Economic Development Committee was established to oversee the development of a CED plan. Technical assistance will help the Committee prepare a training plan for the Assistant CED Officer, and design and deliver a training workshop on business development and a planning workshop.
Technical assistance provider: Consilium

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