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Hagglin' (excerpt)

Katarina - for my little cousin

Carleton Sound CSCD-1005

In April 2000, Wayne released How's Now?, his debut CD for the Carleton Sound label. Produced by Michael Bussiere (, with mixing and principal engineering by Marc Parizeau, the CD features Wayne's guitar playing in a variety of instrumental and vocal settings from jazz/rock, funk, and acid jazz to avant-garde, atmospheric, and solo material.

The recording features a variety of outstanding musicians, including: bassist/vocalist Brian Eagles; double bassist Mike Milligan; saxophonist Rob Frayne; and drummers Lorne Kelly and T. Bruce Wittet.

Track Listing (composer):
Hagglin' (Wayne Eagles)
Who Holds My Dreams (Wayne Eagles)
How's Never (Dave Holland)
What You Need (Wayne Eagles)
Stella By Starlight (Victor Young)
B.C-ing-ya (Wayne Eagles)
Second Guessing (Wayne Eagles)
Rainbird Street (Michael Bussiere)
Gone Loopy (Michael Bussiere/Mike Milligan)
Katarina (Wayne Eagles)

Wayne Eagles has been playing guitar since the age of eight. Proficient on both electric and acoustic instruments, as well as guitar synthesizer, he performs and records both as leader and sideman in a variety of ensembles and musical styles. Wayne is a Guitar Performance Instructor with the Carleton University School for Studies in Art and Culture's Music Division, in addition to running his own busy private music studio. In addition, Wayne is the Concert Manager for Carleton's University Committee on Cultural Activities (UCCA). His musical education includes a BA (Music), a BA Honours (Musicology) and an MA in Canadian Studies (Canadian Music). A member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association and the Musicians Association of Ottawa-Hull, Wayne is also an Endorsing Artist for Brian Moore Custom Guitars.

"He combines an incredible facility and fluidity with heart-felt, deeply expressive musical statements. Check this guy out the first chance you get!" -Mike Milligan, 1999, solo double bassist, ex-Shuffle Demons

"The amicable musician's relaxed attitude comes through in [his] smooth chops and easy-going solo work . . . an enjoyable hybrid of rock melodies and jazz riffs . . . spontaneous spirit . . ." -Alex Bustos, Capital City, November 19-25, 1998

"Though the teamwork of the band members is evident in the group vibe, so is individual talent, notably in the intricate, bubbling guitar of Wayne Eagles . . ." -Lynn Saxberg, The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, May 15, 1996

"Guitarist Wayne Eagles shines . . . and his use of solid tones permeate the album . . ." -Matthew Crosier, Zedd Online, April 1996

"People aren't kidding when they say Wayne Eagles plays soaring guitar solos . . ." -Wendy Doyle, Kanata Standard, 1983

". . . I feel the best word to describe his expertise is finesse . . ." -Frank Fenn, Lion's Roar, May 11, 1982

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