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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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Co-operative Education

Graduation with Co-operative Education Designation

Students who successfully complete the specified number of co-operative education work term courses in addition to the requirements of their regular program will receive a Co-operative Education designation on the final transcript and diploma.

Disciplines requiring four satisfactorily-completed co-operative education work terms:

Engineering (Aerospace, Biomedical and Electrical, Civil, Biomedical and Mechanical, Environmental, Mechanical, Communications, Computer Systems, Electrical, Engineering Physics, Software, Sustainable and Renewable Energy), Accounting, Business General, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Managing People and Organizations, Marketing, Operations Management, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematics with Physics, Mathematics with Specialization in Stochastics, Statistics

Disciplines requiring three satisfactorily-completed co-operative education work terms:

Anthropology, Applied Physics, Architectural Studies, Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biology and Biotechnology, Biology and Physics, Biostatistics, Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics, Cognitive Science, Computational Biology, Computational Biochemistry, Computational Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Economics, Economics and Mathematics, Economics and Statistics, Environmental Science, Industrial Design, Information Technology, Business Law, Law, Policy and Government, Communication Studies, Physics, Political Science), Public Affairs and Policy Management (Communication and Information Technology Management, Development Rights, Human Rights, International Studies, Public Policy and Administration, Social Policy, and Strategic Public Opinion and Policy Analysis), Sociology