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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education Admission and Participation Requirements


Students not originally admitted to Carleton University with the Co-op option for their program must apply for admission to the Co-operative Education program through the Co-operative Education Office website at The application deadline for the Co-operative Education program is the same as the deadline for regular course registration.

COOP 1000

All student must complete COOP 1000 and obtain a grade of Sat prior to participation in any job search activities. COOP 1000 can be taken as an overload (i.e., sixth course). Registration in COOP 1000 is restricted to Co-operative Education students and applicants.

English Language Proficiency

Students admitted to Carleton based on CAEL, IELTS or TOEFL assessments and required to take an ESL course are also required to take the Oral Proficiency in Communicative Settings (OPECS Test) and attain a minimum score of 5.0. Students register for this test through the Career Development and Co-operative Education office.

Additional Program Prerequisites

Each academic program that offers a Co-op option may have specific prerequisite requirements in addition to those of the Co-operative Education program. Consult the Regulation  - Admissions Requirements for Undergraduate Degree Programs section of this Calendar for specific prerequisite details.

Graduation Requirements

Students in the Co-operative Education program must satisfy all requirements for their degree program as well as the graduation requirements specific to the Co-operative Education option in order to graduate with the Co-operative Education designation.


Students are expected to maintain communication with the Career Development and Co-operative Education Office on all matters pertaining to their participation in the Co-operative Education program and the regulations and procedures for their Co-operative Education option.