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""  General Admission Requirements and Procedures

17. Special Studies (Non-Degree)

Special students may be admitted to a degree program if their academic achievement at Carleton University indicates a reasonable probability of future academic success. Previous post-secondary studies at other institutions will also be taken into consideration at the time the application for admission is evaluated. Students with previous, unsuccessful post-secondary studies should contact the Admissions Services before attempting to qualify for admission on the basis of studies as a Special student.

In the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Public Affairs, and Faculty of Science, a Special student can normally be considered for admission to a General degree program after completing 4.0 credits (or the equivalent), and if the student would be in Good Standing if admitted. Students seeking admission are usually not considered for admission until the necessary prerequisites have been successfully completed in addition to the 4.0 approved credits (or the equivalent). The prerequisite subjects (4U/4M courses or equivalents) are found at the end of this section under Prerequisite Subjects.

If fewer than 4.0 credits have been completed, a Special student will be considered for admission after successful completion of:

  • 2.0 full credits (or the equivalent) with a CGPA of 8.00 or higher, or
  • 2.5 full credits (or the equivalent) with a CGPA of 7.00 or higher, or
  • 3.0 full credits (or the equivalent) with a CGPA of 6.00 or higher, or
  • 3.5 full credits (or the equivalent) with a CGPA of 5.00 or higher

Special students wishing to apply for admission to the Faculty of Engineering, or the Schools of Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Industrial Design, Information Technology, Journalism, or Social Work, are urged to consult with Admissions Services.

Special students who meet the age requirement for Mature Applicants can normally be considered for admission on this basis only if they meet all admission requirements for Mature Applicants.

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