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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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""  Academic Regulations of the University


C. Academic Regulations for Special Students

10.0 Registration for Special Students

10.1 Course Selection

Anyone wishing to be admitted eventually to a degree program is advised to note the specific Faculty requirements for course selection and the admission requirements for Special and Mature entrants as listed in this Calendar. Special students who have not completed an OSSD or equivalent may need to upgrade their qualifications by enrolling in courses at the 0000-level. Individuals seeking admission who need further information should inquire at Admissions Services.

10.2 Special Students Enrolling in Graduate-Level Courses

Anyone wishing to enrol in a graduate-level course as a Special student must obtain a letter of authorization from the Chair or Supervisor of Graduate Studies of the appropriate department. Forms may be obtained from the Registrar's Office, or downloaded for printing at Anyone considering pursuing a graduate degree is urged to contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research prior to registration as a Special student.