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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

Degree students may begin their studies in the B.A. or in the B.Sc. degree as Undeclared Students. This means that they have not yet chosen a program within the degree. Undeclared students normally must apply to enter a program before beginning their second year of study. The Student Academic Success Centre offers support to Undeclared students in making this decision.

Academic Standing for Undeclared Students

For purposes of Academic Performance Evaluation, Undeclared students are assessed using only the Overall CGPA.

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Course Selection for Undeclared Students

To give themselves the greatest range of choices when selecting a program, Undeclared students should conform to the following guidelines in selecting their courses.

Bachelor of Arts

Undeclared B.A. students should register in:

  1. A B.A. First-year seminar (FYSM);
  2. Courses in at least three different disciplines leading to programs within the B.A.
Bachelor of Science

Undeclared B.Sc. students should register in:

  1. 2.0 credits in Experimental Science;
  2. 1.0 credit in mathematics;
  3. 1.0 credit in mathematics, Experimental Science or computer science;
  4. 1.0 credit chosen from NSCI 1000 Seminar in Science and/or Approved Arts or Social Sciences.
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Course Categories

  • Experimental Science Courses
BIOL 1003, BIOL 1004
CHEM 1000[1.0]
Earth Sciences
ERTH 1006, ERTH 1007, ERTH 1008
PHYS 1001 and PHYS 1002, PHYS 1003 and PHYS 1004, PHYS 1007 and PHYS 1008
  • Appropriate Mathematics Courses
MATH 1002[1.0], MATH 1007
MATH 1102[1.0], MATH 1107
  • Appropriate Computer Science Courses
COMP 1004, COMP 1005, COMP 1006
  • Approved Arts or Social Sciences

Approved Arts or Social Sciences courses are specified in the Academic Regulations for the Bachelor of Science Degree section of this Calendar.

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