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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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Technology, Society, Environment Studies

Technology, Society, Environment Studies Committee
(Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Engineering and Design, Public Affairs, Science)
3270 Herzberg Bldg.

This section presents the requirements for:

Students may also submit a coherent pattern of courses in TSE Studies for a B.A. Honours or B.A. General in Directed Interdisciplinary Studies, in accordance with the procedures described in the Academic Regulations for the Bachelor of Arts Degree section of this Calendar. Assistance in planning such a pattern is available from members of the TSE Committee.

Program Requirements

Minor in Technology, Society, Environment Studies (TSE)

This minor is available to all degree students.

Requirements (4.0 credits):
  1. 1.0 credit in ENSC 2001and ISCI 2002;
  2. 1.0 credit in TSES 3001 and TSES 3002;
  3. 1.0 credit from (ISCI 1001and ISCI 2000), TSES 2305 [1.0], or CLCV 2305 [1.0];
  4. 1.0 credit from TSES 4001, TSES 4002, TSES 4003, TSES 4005, TSES 4006, TSES 4007, TSES 4008, TSES 4009, TSES 4010;
  5. The remaining requirements of the major discipline(s) and degree must be satisfied.

Note: this Minor is designed for all degree students. There are no requirements for OAC Science credits or University level credits in Natural Sciences. Students with one or more OAC and/or university credits in science can replace ISCI 1001 and ISCI 2000 with TSES 2305, and/or additional half-credit 4000-level TSE courses. Students who have taken courses equivalent to ISCI 2001 and/or ISCI 2002 can also replace all or part of requirement 1 with 4000-level TSE courses. Any substitution requires permission of the Chair of TSE.

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