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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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Certificate in Public Service Studies (C.P.S.S.)

School of Public Policy and Administration
(Faculty of Public Affairs)
1001 Dunton Tower

This section presents the requirements for:

  • Certificate in Public Service Studies  - C.P.S.S.

The Certificate program is designed primarily for public employees who seek special training in public service subjects at the undergraduate level.

Courses taken for the Certificate may be credited towards a Bachelor of Arts degree. A student transferring into a Bachelor of Arts program will normally be required to take at least 9.0 further credits. At least 5.0 of the credits required for the degree must be completed after the awarding of the Certificate.

Full-time candidates for the Certificate are invited to inquire about possible financial aid.

Admission Requirements

The basic admission requirement is the completion of the OSSD or the equivalent, with an overall average of 60 percent or better on the six best OACs or Grade 12 U or M (U/C) courses. Equivalent courses may be substituted between the OAC and new curriculum courses. Special consideration will be extended to other applicants under Mature Applicant regulations (see Mature and Special Admissions, in the Admissions Regulations and Procedures section of this Calendar).

Candidates may be admitted with advanced standing, but must complete at least 4.0 credits at Carleton, including all required courses, to obtain the Certificate from Carleton University. Students who have completed an undergraduate degree are not eligible for admission to this program.

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Academic Standing

To qualify for the Certificate, the candidate must obtain a grade of C or better in at least half of the credits taken at Carleton University for the certificate.

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Program Requirements

Certificate in Public Service Studies C.P.S.S. (6.0 credits)

The following courses are required and the following order is suggested:

  1. 1.0 credit in (PSCI 1001 and PSCI 1002) or PSCI 1000 [1.0];
  2. 1.0 credit in ECON 1000 [1.0];
  3. 1.0 credit from HIST 1300[1.0], HIST 2303[1.0], HIST 2304[1.0] or HIST 2305[1.0];
  4. 1.0 credit in (PSCI 2002 and PSCI 2003), or PSCI 2000[1.0];
  5. 0.5 credit in PSCI 3401;
  6. 1.5 credits chosen in consultation with the Director of the School, according to the needs of the student.
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