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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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Human Rights (HUMR)

Human Rights Program Committee
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

HUMR 1001 - Introduction to Human Rights
HUMR 2001 - Human Rights: Theories and Foundations
HUMR 2202 - Power Relations and Human Rights
HUMR 2301 - Human Rights and Sexualities
HUMR 2401 - Political Repression: Impacts and Responses
HUMR 2502 - Social and Political Movements
HUMR 3001 - Contemporary Issues in Human Rights
HUMR 3202 - Human Rights and Resistance
HUMR 3301 - Racialization, Racism and Human Rights
HUMR 3302 - Culture, Religion, and Women's Human Rights
HUMR 3401 - Histories of Persecution and Genocide
HUMR 3402 - Agents of Political Violence
HUMR 3501 - Social, Economic and Cultural Rights
HUMR 3502 - Corporations and Human Rights
HUMR 4201 - Citizenship and Human Rights
HUMR 4203 - Special Topic in Critical Principles of Human Rights
HUMR 4301 - Sex, Politics, and the State
HUMR 4303 - Special Topic in the Identities and Diversities
HUMR 4402 - Terror and Human Rights
HUMR 4403 - Special Topic in Civil and Political Rights
HUMR 4501 - Human Rights and Economic Development
HUMR 4503 - Special Topic in Social and Economic Rights
HUMR 4905 - Practicum Placement in Human Rights I
HUMR 4906 - Practicum Placement in Human Rights II
HUMR 4907 - Special Topic in Human Rights
HUMR 4908 - Independent Study

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