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2009-2010 Undergraduate Calendar

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French Interdisciplinary Studies (FINS)

Department of French
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

These courses are intended to meet the needs of a broad range of students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the French-language presence in other disciplines, or in improving their passive knowledge of written and spoken French (reading and listening) with a view to applying this knowledge in other disciplines.

Some FINS courses are offered with English as the language of instruction. While FINS courses are not part of the B.A. or Certificate programs in French, four credits can be accumulated to constitute a Minor in French Interdisciplinary Studies.

French Placement for Language Students

Students who have not previously taken a language course in the Department and who wish to enrol in FINS 2105, FINS 2205, FINS 3105 or FINS 3205 must read and follow the guidelines for choosing French language courses that can be found at under Self Assessment Questionnaire and then register. Students should note that they cannot go backward in a sequence of levels in language courses.

Students desiring a French credit to satisfy the language requirement of their department or school should consult that department or school.

FINS 1000 - The French World
FINS 2105 - Written Comprehension I
FINS 2205 - Oral Comprehension I
FINS 2500 - Interfaces between English and French Canadian Cultures
FINS 3105 - Written Comprehension II
FINS 3205 - Oral Comprehension II
FINS 3305 - Culture and Society I
FINS 3306 - Culture and Society II
FINS 3307 - Culture and Society III
FINS 3405 - French for Special or Professional Purposes I
FINS 3406 - French for Special or Professional Purposes II
FINS 3407 - French for Special or Professional Purposes III
FINS 3505 - Cultural Aspects I
FINS 3506 - Cultural Aspects II
FINS 3507 - Cultural Aspects III
FINS 3510 - Quebec Studies
FINS 3605 - Interdisciplinary Approaches: French Links I
FINS 3606 - Interdisciplinary Approaches: French Links II
FINS 3607 - Interdisciplinary Approaches: French Links III

Summer session: some of the courses listed in this Calendar are offered during the summer. Hours and scheduling for summer session courses will differ significantly from those reported in the fall/winter Calendar. To determine the scheduling and hours for summer session classes, consult the class schedule at

Not all courses listed are offered in a given year. For an up-to-date statement of course offerings for the current session and to determine the term of offering, consult the class schedule at

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