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Matching LTW startups with TIM students

More than 20 companies confirmed to pitch

4-8 p.m.
December 2

Baker's Grill
4th Floor Unicentre
Carleton University

(free sandwiches and non-alcoholic beverages; cash bar)

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  • Provide startups access to (i) energetic and enthusiastic graduate students registered in Carleton's Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program and (ii) work space
  • Enable a founder to support individuals to work towards completing a master's degree tuition free while concurrently working for startups
  • Provide TIM students with (i) $5,000 for supporting founders of startups over 13 weeks (~$769 every two weeks; ~10h/week) and (ii) work space
  • Engage founders of startups and TIM students in an informal discussion of services available to companies in Phase III of Lead to Win


  1. Founder of company in Phase III (red name tag) and TIM student (white name tag) pair up either before the event or during the event.
  2. Founder and TIM student jointly deliver a 5 minute (max) pitch of the value of (i) paying $5,000 to TIM student to support startup over 13 weeks and (ii) space to work. Pitch is delivered to TIM faculty.
  3. Decision on $5,000 investment is communicated to founder and TIM student by 5 p.m. Friday December 5th.

Money is paid to TIM student and space is provided to TIM student and founder at The Code Factory (246 Queen Street).


Each academic term: one award per TIM student.
Maximum of three awards per startup.


  • Founders of Phase III companies as of December 1, 2009
  • TIM students as of January 15, 2010

To apply online to the TIM program go here.

To be considered for admission to TIM, an applicant must hold a B.Eng., B.C.S. or related discipline, with overall GPA of B+ or higher, a minimum of 2 years experience carrying out technical work, and 2 letters of reference.

Please register to better help us plan the event, and to allow us to notify you about updates on the event by clicking on "Register" on this page.


Douglas King 613 520 2600 ext 2997
Steven Muegge 613 520 2600 ext 8788
Michael Weiss 613 520 2600 ext 1642
Ian Graham 613 321 831
Rowland Few
Ian Brown

Attending Lead to Win Companies

The following Lead to Win companies are confirmed to pitch at the event. More are signing up daily. You are welcome to touch base with the companies ahead of the event.

3inova Networks develops differentiating technology that address the impediments for Wi-Fi becoming the wireless technology of choice for business. The company is focused on developing technologies that allow Wi-Fi to replace Ethernet wiring to the desktop, deliver resilient performance for real-time applications, and enable the streamlining of business processes.

Opportunity: Three experienced software designers to design and implement new features on the next generation Wireless IEEE 802.11n LAN platform based on Linux and using C or C++.

Contact: Jozef Babiarz (

Acire Systems Inc. is an independent software vendor focused on providing simple and affordable mobile software applications designed for people and enterprises "on the go".

Opportunity: Student to assist with marketing and development (may include writing software) of a mobile application which reduces the time taken to generate invoices and administrative costs for small business.

Contact: Randy Jones (

Career Seer is a job search engine and a full service career site. It delivers more jobs than conventional career sites including many jobs that are not advertised on other job sites. Career Seer supports job seekers with advanced career search functionality, automated job alerts and more. For employers Career Seer provides an effective way leverage their corporate career pages. Career listings are automatically indexed and included in the Career Seer database which provides job seekers direct links back to the corporate site.

Opportunity: Student to develop a Career Seer API to help extract job/skills data from the search engine and site.

Contact: Ian Brown (

Castel Research is a start-up company with main focus in the area of simulation, verification and validation of large-scale complex systems. Castel's target customers are companies developing the next generation of products requiring design, modelling, and simulation of multi-physics systems for the aerospace, defence, clean tech, energy and automotive markets.

Opportunity: Students to help us on bringing the technology proof-of-concept to a prototype that can be used for demonstration to potential costumers:

  • Two experienced software engineers to develop GUI, drivers for LAN and PCIe Ifs, and integrate them into a Matlab/Simulink Toolbox
  • One Hardware engineer to integrate a state-of-the-art FPGA board into a multi-core personal computer and integrate it to the program GUI
  • Web design and implementation: for branding, marketing and provide access to potential costumers to test drive the product via the web

Contact: Julio Pimentel (

CheckinWiz provides communications between mobile device users and their opted-in service establishments. At the same time, CheckinWiz provides web based revenue producing software services to the hospitality industry service providers, enabling event planners, hotels, and any establishment that reserves groups or individual visits to make money while increasing their customer service through the use of their customer's mobile communication devices.

Opportunity: Marketing director to develop a marketing campaign for a software services company serving the hospitality industry. The company has a solid sales and technical team, and now needs to present a solid picture to the market, starting with a branding strategy, producing marketing and sales collateral, and developing and executing a product roll out plan with the rest of the team (1 full time, 2 part time).

Contact: Eric R. Dormer ( was founded by a Canadian Forces Reservist to help Reservists find employment with companies that value the team-orientation, character, and leadership that military training teaches.

Opportunity: Ruby on Rails developer to develop a resume generator that interprets military qualifications for employers.

Contact: Ken Seville (

Collectors Tech offers a specialized collectors desktop environment that provides a portable, secure, OS and computer independent, desktop with the applications, templates, tools, and file and image storage to allow a collector more free-time to use the creativity, enthusiasm and knowledge that got them into collecting in the first place.

Opportunity: People to work on a number of items including:

  • programming software for iPhone and Blackberry smart phones to handle Buying and Selling on the Internet
  • user documentation and 'finishing' of an Ubuntu OSS based user desk environment on a bootable USB stick

Contact: Michael Foster (

Cornerportal creates a network of screens and controllers that deliver messages and real time advertising for local service businesses, community groups, and individuals. Cornerportal provides the hardware as well as the professional services required to create, manage and provision these networks. Cornerportal will be demonstrating its Social Signage product in early 2010, with first market entry by June 2010 in venues located in walkable urban neighbourhoods like Westboro, the Glebe, and New Edinburgh. In this entry, the product serves and is sustained by businesses within a 1 km radius.

Opportunity: Student to develop a strategy and plan for proliferation beyond this initial vertical. The following are currently being pursued in an opportunistic manner: thematic venue networks (eg. Skiing in Quebec), institutional venue networks (National Art Gallery), and coop based local networks (Regional Development Cooperative of Outaouais-Laurentides).

Contact: Michael Ayukawa (

We design, develop and host Corporate Universities and eLearning courses for organizations that understand the value of training their clients and employees.

Opportunity: Software developer for our hosted Corporate University solution in a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

Contact: Luc Richard (

EclipseSource brings together recognized experts from key Eclipse projects and delivers the ability to meet the demanding technical requirements of commercial adopters. EclipseSource provides a complete range of products and services from fundamental technology development, production and developer support, training and mentoring to commercial management and provisioning solutions. With leadership roles in over ten key Eclipse projects, EclipseSource provides coverage for all essential Eclipse runtime technology under one roof.

Opportunity: This year EclipseSource released Yoxos SecureSource; a validated, virus scanned and digitally signed open source repository. In Q1 of next year the company will release Yoxos Pro; a subscription based service that allows you to configure custom Eclipse development environments and share them with your team. We are looking for students to assist with a comprehensive assessment of the competitive landscape for both tools. Assistance is also needed to identify key target customers for these products and to help develop a strategy for selling to them.

Contact: Peter O'Blenis (

EnTeraSec is a security professional services company. Our team of industry leading security professionals provide a wide range of security services including: network architecture analysis; vulnerability threat and risk assessments; pc and server system hardening; security incident response; systems integration; and project management. We utilize state of the art tools and best practices to identify threats, reduce your risk, improve your compliance, and improve the security of your business.

Contact: Frank Horsfall (

EventuSix is an innovator in business environment insight. Leveraging internal expertise and leading-edge university research, they are developing state of the art visualization tools and processes that help a company see and understand their business ecosystem, produce a shared view of it, and shape it to the company's advantage.

Opportunity: Three motivated students with interest in business ecosystem theory and development of a innovative collaborative hosted web service. Looking for skills in; business ecosystem theory, FLASH/FLEX, RTMP servers, server-side Java & SQL.

Contact: Reg Simpson (

InfoGlutton enables restaurateurs to be awesome at monitoring and improving their online reputation. InfoGlutton is a web application for customer opinion/feedback mining and analysis. It is primarily aimed at businesses like restaurants for which a wealth of online data is readily available (e.g., restaurant reviews, foodie blogs).

Opportunity: We seek passionate engineers to help us leverage available ecosystem technologies, find and bring partners in, and establish early stage strategies for Ottawa, Montréal and Toronto markets.

Contact: David Nadeau (

Levelware provides next generation visual aid solutions for the print disabled (blind, visually impaired and people with learning disabilities). Now, we focus on developing visual aid products for the print disabled on iPhone OS. Together with the iPhone/iPod Touch, our visual aid solutions will provide the print disabled with a game-changing mobile assistive device.

Opportunity: Looking for passionate engineers and software developers:

  • Developers in Obj C, C/C++, with good working knowledge of object oriented methodology and GUI design. Knowledge on Electronic publication formats, Text-to-Speech synthesis, Image recognition and Speech recognition are desired.
  • Web Designer with good knowledge of Graphics and User Interface design, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress Theme development.

Contact: Merlinda Poon (

We connect people and places together using social media and web services. We build Local Communities Online (LOCOL) and partnerships that increase social and economic activity for regions where you live.

Opportunity: Join a team to create the blue print of local online communities for local businesses, community groups and public service providers to connect more efficiently with their local community residents and consumers. The opportunities available include streamlining SaaS based systems for operating the company, support for High Level design of the community network and the potential for research in the areas of geo-location and semantic web application.

Contact: Victor & Avril Tsang (

A consultancy where technology meets group genius.

Opportunity: Looking for assistant to research and support collaborative technologies, explore current methodology practices, design and develop a local marketing survey and database, team with the founder to develop new services, and perhaps, a create a website.

Contact: Pat Seemel (

LunarBits is a hosted e-commerce platform for digital content publishers. We specialize in providing a scalable, state of the art solution for small to large publishers that lets our customers sell more, spend less up front, and define content delivery based on the unique needs of their business.

Contact: Daniel Crenna (

Novabrain focus on Content Management of File Server and Shared Folders. We help companies Find, Organize and collaborate on information stored in shared folders. No data migration is needed and no database is required. We are looking at using our core strengths to position new products on the market.

Opportunity: Students to work on

  • new product positioning as a niche MS SharePoint add-on (product road map, goto market approach, technical gap, beta build)
  • web design for branding, marketing and customer support scalability)
  • existing product marketing & sales material
  • C# .net development for any of the above

Contact: Eric Dumont (

Opus2 Mobile Solutions serves enterprise customers, developing custom mobile applications and mobilility extensions for existing client-server applications.

Opportunity: Skilled programmer with good knowledge of and experience with client server communications (e.g. JDBC, ODBC, Web services, SQL), scripting skills, and some experience with mobile applications, preferably on the Blackberry platform.

Contact: Stephen Grant ( provides a venue for business subject matter experts (SMEs) to share and market knowledge with millions of knowledge consumers in an entertaining and interactive way on social networking sites.

Contact: Chris Justus (

RideShark is the world's leading commute management software service provider. RideShark helps public and private sector clients green their organization, encourage sustainable commute modes, track and report on greenhouse gas emissions - all as part of their overall corporate environmental leadership & CSR portfolio.

Opportunity: Students to provide global marketing strategy support, help with sales strategy / sales leads, and create customer support tutorials.

Contact: Sharon Lewinson (

Smart Rotor Systems Inc. specializes in the development of rotor-based vibration and noise reduction technologies for helicopters. These innovative, first-of-its-kind technologies will enable a "jet-smooth ride" for helicopter passengers and crew, decreasing associated health risks and increasing pilots' flying careers. Additionally, SRS technology will decrease noise pollution and can offer significant improvements to multiple components fatigue life thus increasing service life and reducing large maintenance costs of helicopters. The Active Pitch Link will also improve helicopters' top speed in level flight and its fuel efficiency.

Opportunity: Students to help with:

  • Development and implementation of marketing strategy
  • Development and implementation of sales and product distribution strategies

Contact: Kostyantyn Khomutov (

To innovate, design, develop, or manufacture technologically challenging products and provide related services by harnessing the talents, expertise, experience, and resources available globally to enable our customers to achieve their business goals with required quality and competitiveness.

Opportunity: Four students working on projects in the Business Methods and Biomedical Devices/Biomechanical Communication space.

Contact: JP Naidu (

Tradomedia Inc provides leading software solutions for content delivery and content distribution over the Internet and over corporate computer networks. Our solutions, exploit the state-of-the-art video transport technologies and novel content-licensing models, are particularly suited for corporates, institutions and commercial content distributors to distribute high-quality video contents to their respective users.

Opportunity: Developers in C/C++ or Java/JSP and ideally with working knowledge of networking protocols or video coding technology.

Contact: Yongyi Mao (

TransactionEx provides payment solutions for the smart phone era. TransactionEx's patent pending technology integrates smart phones with the credit card transaction payment gateways and there by delivers real time fraud detection and elemination suite of services. Simplified transactions with ultimate security is our speciality.

Opportunity: Looking for people with the following profiles:

  • Wireless infrastructure specialists who know SMS, IMS, and scalability
  • Hosted services, SaaS designers, Java architects.
  • Payment solution experts with e-commerce, financial transaction specialities and payment gateway functional design experience
  • Communication gateway evaluation specialists who can evaluate the commercial gateways available in the market and recommend the ones that are more suitable for developing communication applications
  • Web mail server establishment, user management, UI design, migration

Contact: Raju Nunna (

Ucreate Media has developed a cutting edge web-based technology platform for building social networking applications for creative communities. We design, build, and host our own web applications that allow us to inexpensively identify, develop, incubate, and market test intellectual property targeted towards the entertainment industry.

Opportunity: Looking for:

  • Product Marketing - Building a marketing plan for building social communities for incubating new Entertainment Intellectual Property
  • Developer - Java totally dude! Skilled in application development, integration, Usability, Bug testing... you get the idea

Contact: Jason Daley (

Vindico Systems developing the next generation of Networking traffic analyzers. The new equipment will introduce a new approach, intended for functional testing, we will utilize state of the art technologies and algorithms.

Opportunity: HW/FPGA expert that can help us in designing our first HW prototype and start getting the FPGA based algorithms going. As part of this project we will investigate methods of generating and analyzing networking related data for traffic testing tool. We will develop a new algorithms that are special for networking traffic analyzing.

Contact: Paz Hutmann (

Xcheck Tools (pronounced Cross Check Tools) is a new startup focused in a niche market for electronic design automation. Our tools harden electronic products by automatically finding errors early in the design cycle. The net result is we cut time to market by 30% and cost by 20%.

Opportunity: Student to create another tool that automatically generates part models for use for by our current tools. We also need help with our business plan.

Contact: Gerald Persaud (

The Yunö Designation is a joint Swedish, British and Canadian initiative to advance the world's knowledge by acknowledging and rating outstanding scientific and educational web content, raising meritorious websites' profiles with both audiences and advertisers, and supporting global education initiatives driven by Nobel Laureates. The Yunö will be a web-based benchmark ranging from one to five levels of recognition, similar to the Michelin three-star method of rating outstanding restaurants.

Opportunity: Student to establish a best practice methodology that will permit websites globally to enter a nomination process, vetting by established criteria, followed by award or designation in concert with subject specialists, academics and Nobel Laureates.

Contact: Bob Huggins (

Zeebu Mobile is a leading developer and marketer of innovative, educational applications and related proprietary content for BlackBerry and iPhones users. We are 100% focused on developing mobile applications that entertain, engage and provide an effective learning experience for 0-9 year olds, while giving parents some time to themselves. We put children first - a philosophy that differentiates us and drives the entire company. Our first application, BabyGO! has been an incredible hit with BlackBerry users.

Opportunity: Own the creation of a new mobile software product, end-to-end: Do market research and identify an idea for a child-oriented mobile software application. Design and develop the application, building on Zeebu Mobile's expertise and existing technology. Create and execute a go-to-market strategy, including messaging and other marketing collateral with the help of Zeebu's experience and partner relationships.

Contact: Dan Gagliardi (

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